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Sandwich Shop Insurance

Since 1990, we have provided businesses with the insurance that's right for them.

Why us?

  • Whatever type of sandwich shop or other catering facility you may own, we are able to arrange the insurance you need
  • We have been established since 1990
  • Our contact centre is based in south Wales and is ready to help you with your insurance needs
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Insurance for sandwich shops

The sandwich bar has seen a resurgence in recent times, with the humble butty now also joined by fancier offerings such as baguettes and ciabattas.

Whether you are a strict traditionalist or have branched out into more exotic bakery, whether there is standing room only in your modest establishment or whether you give customers the room to sit down and stretch out, you might want to give particular attention to the need for sandwich shop insurance.

There are many risks and perils, the financial fallout from which might easily ruin your business – together with all the hard work and investment in time and energy that probably went into building it up.

Some of those threats might be to the physical assets of your business, making repair or replacement in the event of loss or damage a severe strain on your finances. But the threats might also come from claims made against you from customers who have suffered an injury or had their property damaged, or from members of staff who may have been injured or suffered a medical condition whilst on the job.

Why choose for these insurance needs?

What elements of insurance cover do I need for my sandwich shop?

Sandwich shops come in all shapes and sizes, so when it comes to sandwich shop insurance, no one size fits all. Your needs are likely to be met only by the ability to offer cover to suit your particular establishment.

And choosing the right insurance to meet your particular needs and circumstances – along with competitively priced premiums – is a task in which we specialise here at

Nevertheless, there are likely to be certain key components of interest, whatever kind of shop you might run.

Taking care of the contents of your sandwich shop

No matter how modest your operations, you are likely to have invested a fair amount of money in fitting out and equipping your shop. If you are leasing the shop, your landlord is probably responsible for protecting the actual structure and fabric of the building, but you are still responsible for insuring the contents.

These are the contents which may be damaged – potentially beyond repair – in the event of, say, a fire or a flood. Equipment and fittings might also be damaged by vandalism or any cash you need to keep on the premises stolen.

Sandwich shop insurance may help you guard against these risks by providing the necessary financial support with which to repair damaged items or replace those which become a total loss.

Some of the risks facing your business may be less tangible

Greater difficulty might be encountered in appreciating the risks to your business that pose no physical threat to its assets, but which represent a source of potentially very expensive costs which you may have to bear.

The first of these may be encountered if you employ any staff to help run your sandwich shop; you owe a duty of care towards those individuals you employ.

What does that mean? It means that if you are found to be to blame for an avoidable accident which causes an injury to an employee or leads to their contracting an illness or some other medical condition as a result of working for you, you may be ordered to pay substantial compensation.

You have a legal obligation to ensure that you have sufficient insurance cover to meet any such claim from one of your employees – or, indeed, a past employee who may have left your employment before symptoms of any injury or illness made themselves known.

Although the law requires that you have a minimum of £5 million in employers’ liability insurance, the policies we arrange here at carry a £10 million limit as standard.

In a similar way to which you have a duty of care towards your employees, you also have a duty to your customers and members of the public who may be injured or have their property damaged in some way connected with the business you are conducting.

Once again, claims may be substantial and it is common for public liability insurance to offer a minimum of £1 million of cover.

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