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Fleet Insurance

Got a van? Got three or more? Then instead of insuring them separately, why not consider taking out fleet van insurance policy for extra peace of mind.

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  • Large panel of insurers with optional extras for you and your business
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Insurance for fleet

It’s not exactly a question of “buy three, get one free”, but the principle is very much the same. If yours is the kind of company that needs to insure more than one vehicle at a time, you are likely to enjoy the discounts that come with buying all the motor insurance you need from the same insurer, under a single umbrella policy.

However, you stand to enjoy greater benefits than those which come simply with buying in bulk. With a single fleet insurance policy for all of your vehicles, there is only one renewal date that comes around each year. You are free of the administrative burden – and expense – of scheduling each renewal separately, since all are renewed together.

More importantly perhaps, keeping all the vehicles together under the same insurance policy means that you do not run the risk of overlooking or failing to insure any particular car, van or truck – and having the full weight of the law come tumbling down around your neck as a result.

Although fleet insurance works on a simple and straight forward principle, you might benefit from discussing your insurance needs with our experienced staff here at to make certain that the cover you arrange is the cover you need – and that you are paying for it at a competitive price.

Why us?

How does vehicle fleet insurance work?

The way that fleet insurance works could hardly be more simple and straight forward. Instead of arranging essential cover for each of your vehicles separately, all may be covered at the same time, under a single policy, with one excess and one renewal date.

It is a solution which might prove ideal for the small business that has outgrown the early days when there was just a single van or truck to worry about. Today, you might be heading what has become a more successful operation with several vehicles needed to transport people, materials, your own or other peoples’ goods for delivery.

Instead of just yourself as the only named driver, you may now have a number of different employees, all of whom you want to name on the same insurance policy that allows you to mix and match your drivers to vehicles as and when the need arises. With all drivers named on the same policy, you may achieve further savings than having them named on policies for single vehicles.

Your need for motor insurance

As you know, the law requires that any vehicle driven on the roads or in other public spaces needs a minimum level of third party insurance. What you might not have been aware, however, is that even vehicles which are presently off the road also need to meet that basic requirement. This is the effect of the so-called continuous insurance enforcement legislation, which was introduced in 2011.

Unless your vehicle has a statutory off road notification (SORN) you may be fined up to £1,000 for failing to have the necessary insurance, or even risk your business vehicle being towed away and destroyed.

The level of motor insurance you need

It is one thing to meet the legal minimum requirement for third party cover, but the vehicles you use and rely upon for business use are likely to need greater protection – such as that afforded at least by third party, fire and theft cover and, preferably, comprehensive cover.

Fleet insurance offers just the same choices in levels of cover as if you were insuring each vehicle separately. In order to reduce the cost of premiums, you may also exercise similar choice in the amount of excess you agree to pay in the event of a claim. Additional policy extras – such as breakdown and roadside assistance cover, windscreen replacement and legal expenses cover – are also available on fleet insurance policies.

Just as you are likely to do when arranging insurance for each vehicle separately, fleet insurance allows you to decide the relative benefits of different levels of cover and the additional extras you might want to add as part and parcel of keeping your vehicles constantly roadworthy, and helping to keep the wheels of your business turning.

With so many benefits and advantages in arranging fleet insurance, you might want to contact us here at to discuss your particular needs and requirements.

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