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Plumbers insurance

We know that finding the right insurance for your business can be a drain, join other plumbers like you who trust us to find them quality cover at competitive prices.

Why choose us?

  • Plumbers insurance from £195*
  • Cover for all plumbing trades including heating, gas fitting and bathroom installation
  • UK based call centres
  • Since 1990, we've helped small businesses find cover to stay protected. That's 28+ Years experience

*Based on a plumbing and heating engineer quoted on a tradesman liability product with a £1million limit of indemnity...

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Insurance for plumbers and heating engineers

Whatever your trade, accidents may happen. And when they do, there is always the risk of those accidents causing untold damage to the property in which you are working or, even worse, causing injury to someone.

If you are working in the plumbing or heating engineering trades, in particular, you need only think of the considerable damage that might be caused by the escape of water from a failed connection you have made or the risk of fire from a blow-torch that is being used on the job.

Through risks such as these, the very financial success and future of your whole business may depend. If damage is caused or someone is injured, is your business going to be able to afford the compensation you are likely to be ordered to pay to the injured party or parties?

Since the answer, in most cases, is no, you might want to rely on the protection of plumbers insurance – and, like many plumbers before you, turn to a team who can guide you through the insurance policies that a plumber way wish to consider, that's what we do here at

Why us?

Plumbers’ liability insurance in more detail

The whole question of liabilities faced by small businesses and trades such as yours may be quite complicated and involved – just another of the reasons for consulting a specialist such as

To understand a little more about just what these liabilities may cover, let’s take a look at just three of them – employers’ liability, public liability and product liability.

Your legal obligation for employers’ liability insurance

If you employ anyone else in running your plumbing business – whether at the scene itself or in some administrative capacity – you are obliged to have employers’ liability insurance.

This requirement is set out in detail in the relevant law – the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 and subsequent amendments – makes clear your obligation to hold this type of insurance from the moment your business hires any employee.

Not only must you have such cover, but it must also provide at least £5 million of cover. At first sight, this might seem to be a grossly exaggerated level of cover. But consider the financial compensation you might be ordered to pay if an employee sustains a serious injury or suffers a long-term disability through the time they may have spent working for you. As their employer – past or present – you may be held liable and ordered to pay an appropriate level of compensation.

The law takes a sufficiently serious view on your having the wherewithal to meet any compensation to which an employee is entitled by imposing on you a fine of up to £2,500 for every day that employers’ liability insurance is not in place.

Although the law requires a minimum of £5 million cover, at we go one step further by ensuring that any employers’ liability insurance we arrange increases your safety margin by providing £10 million of cover as standard.

Is there a similar legal requirement for public liability insurance?

You are not legally required to hold public liability insurance to work as a plumber or heating engineer.

Nevertheless, you have a similar responsibility for taking every precaution to ensure that your customers, their family, visitors and even members of the general public who suffer any injury or have their property damaged as a result of your work.

If any incident results in such injury or damage, you may be considered to have been negligent in your duty of care and ordered to pay compensation. The amount of that compensation of course depends on the nature and extent of the injuries or damage caused, but might well assume quite considerable proportions. For that reason, public liability insurance typically offers a minimum of £1 million of cover.

You may also have a product liability

The products, fittings and fixtures you may be using in your work as a plumber are all likely to carry a manufacturer’s warranty against defects.

Despite those warranties, however, you may still be held liable for the failure of any of those products you have supplied in the course of your work.

Your defence against claims arising from this responsibility lies in product liability insurance.

Contractors all risks insurance

When it comes to the tools, equipment, consumables and materials for your work, these may represent a significant investment on your part.

In order to protect that investment against the risks of theft, loss or damage – and to provide the funds for necessary repairs or replacement – you might also want to consider the benefits of contractors all risks insurance.

At we can offer you and your business all round protection against the unexpected, from liability insurance to contractors insurance to van insurance. To find out more, get a quote a today, or contact us to see how we can help.

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