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Architects professional indemnity insurance

As an architect, and member of RIBA, you'll understand the need for professional indemnity insurance all too well.

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  • Architects professional indemnity insurance from £126*
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Insurance for architects

If you are in practice as an architect, you are already likely to be aware of the responsibilities and obligations that come with your role. There are professional standards to which you have to abide and any failure to adhere to them may result in costly errors and failures in the projects you have designed.

Not only might any of the shortcomings in your professional advice result in considerable financial loss to your clients, they may cause injury or even death to anyone caught up in the failings of the architectural advice and drawings you have given.

If you fall short of the professional standards generally required of someone of your qualifications and experience, you may be held professionally negligent and ordered to pay substantial damages to the injured parties by way of compensation.

Claims of this magnitude may typically represent a considerable financial cost to your professional practice, but the standing and reputation of your business may also be irreparably damaged.

In short, allegations of professional negligence might spell a very costly end to your profession as an architect.

Architects professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect you and your business against the potential damage of claims that you have been negligent. It is a form of cover in which we specialise here at

Why choose

How does architects professional indemnity insurance work?

Architects professional indemnity insurance is not just a safeguard for the prudent professional as a defence against claims of negligence; it is a requirement for anyone who wishes to practice as an architect.

The profession’s regulatory body, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) makes clear this requirement in its published Code of Professional Conduct. To practice as an architect, you need to be a member of RIBA and to be a member of RIBA, you are required to hold sufficient professional liability insurance commensurate with the size of the project on which you are working.

Purpose designed architects’ insurance is required since it is RIBA’s view that reliance on personal assets or those of the business is inadequate for meeting the claims that might potentially arise as a result of professional negligence.

But there is more to architects professional indemnity insurance than simple compliance with the regulations of the profession’s regulatory body. Your holding adequate professional liability cover is also something likely to instill confidence and faith in your practice by existing and prospective clients.

Clients may have well-founded confidence in your ability as an architect. But they also know that even the most experienced professional may occasionally make mistakes. If that should happen to you, your clients may take comfort in the fact that there is at least sufficient insurance cover to ensure that they are adequately compensated for any loss or damage resulting from your mistakes or failings.

What does architects professional indemnity insurance cover?

Policies may vary from one to another, of course, but typical risks covered by this form of architects’ insurance include:

The bigger picture

Architects are not the only sector required to hold sufficient professional indemnity insurance in order to remain in practice. Other professionals responsible for the provision of advice and guidance based on their specialist knowledge and talents include lawyers, accountants, engineers and management consultants.

In short, the principles are quite clear. If you are in the business of providing advice, guidance and recommendations thanks to the professional status and standing you claim, you may face substantial claims for damages if you fall short of those professional standards.

Professional indemnity insurance from is designed to help protect you against the financial impact of such claims – why not get in touch today to find out more?

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