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Insurance for pick up trucks

The chances are that you are going to recognise a pick-up truck when you see one. If you want to get technical about it, most sources will say that it is a motor vehicle that has a closed front cab and an open cargo area.

Just as you are likely to have discovered this arrangement of the layout is ideally suited to all manner of business uses – generally associated with the transport of materials, supplies and equipment for use in a trade or on a construction site or for the carriage of others’ goods for hire or reward.

Very soon, you might begin to wonder how your business managed to cope without such a trusty pick-up truck – and if the vehicle proves to be so valuable, your thoughts are going to turn to insuring it.

It is a motor vehicle, so of course it needs to be insured – insurance protecting against third party claims is the minimum legal requirement.

But that’s only where the story begins. There are still many potential decisions and options to consider about the level of cover your business actually needs – based, for example, on the age and condition of the pick-up, how often you are likely to be using it and what you intend to carry in it.

Here at constructaquote.com, we may help you make those decisions and ensure that you arrange the pick-up truck insurance that is appropriate for your particular needs and requirements.


What is pick-up truck insurance?

As well as most other forms of motor insurance, pick-up truck insurance may provide basic protection against third party claims only (the minimum level of cover required by law), or it may be extended to include third party, fire and theft risks, or the all-round protection of comprehensive insurance.

What puts pick-up truck insurance into a special category is likely to be the use to which it is put. The key here is to remember that if your truck is being used in any capacity in connection with your business, business or commercial insurance is required.

This applies whether you are using your pick-up truck to transport your own goods – or employees – from one site to another, or using it to carry goods and items owned by someone else.

The distinction between business use and your own social and domestic use may sometimes be somewhat blurred when it comes to insurance for pick-up trucks. It might be helpful to examine commercial and private use in a little more detail.

Insurance for commercial use

There are three principal variations on the use of your pick-up for commercial use:

It should become clear, therefore, that if you are using your pick-up truck in any way connected with your work – including getting there, to and from home and travelling from one workplace to another – you need insurance for commercial use.

Insurance for private use

Many people own a pick-up truck for use entirely for social, domestic and pleasure purposes. If you are using such a vehicle in order to get to and from your place of work, however, any insurer may require that it is insured for business use (unlike the private motor car which may be used for such a commute).

This is because the use of your pick-up truck for purely recreational pursuits and hobbies – camping, fishing, surfing or your own gardening work – insurance for private use and social, domestic and pleasure purposes is generally acceptable.

In other words, you might find all of this something of a grey area and might want to make sure with your insurance provider exactly what use is being made of your vehicle in insurance terms. Contact us here at constructaquote.com to discuss your insurance needs.

Goods in transit insurance

Whether for the protection of your own tools, equipment, supplies and materials or for other peoples’ goods against the risks of theft, loss or damage whilst in your pick-up truck, you might also want to consider adding Goods in transit insurance to your policy.

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