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Catering Insurance

Service is very important to us, that's why all of our insurance experts receive regular training in order to treat our customers fairly.

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  • Employers’ liability insurance, we offer a generous £10 million of cover as standard.
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Insurance for caterers

Go to any party, celebration or event away from home and the chances are you find that outside caterers have been brought in to do the honours.

The upsurge in popularity of such arrangements is great news, of course, if you happen to be one of those caterers.

As with any small business, though, there seem to be a million and one things to have to think about when setting up and running your business.

It’s not just a question of getting the orders, but also dealing with customers’ demands, managing any staff you need to employ, buying kit and equipment, ordering supplies and managing other operating expenses, such as your outside catering insurance.

Indeed, catering insurance might seem like the least of your worries – but fail to give it the consideration it is due and you might rue the day some accident, error or mistakes lands you with an unexpected claim for damages. The amount of that claim might wreck your entire business.

Of course you want to control and keep a tight rein on all of your operating expenses, including the catering insurance. Getting the most appropriate cover at a competitive price might prove more difficult than it seems – and that’s where our expertise and experience here at may come in.

Since 1990, we've built up our expertise and experience, so we are able to identify the particular insurance needs of your individual catering business and offer quotes that represent competitively priced good value for money.

Why choose us?

So what is catering insurance likely to cover?

The protection you need of course depends on the type of business you own – you might be more or less a one-man band running a modest food stall or you might cater for big events and employ a large team to help you.

Catering insurance may be tailored to meet this whole range of businesses and typically includes a number of different elements.

What’s the story behind my need for public liability insurance?

Your public liability is likely to be especially pertinent if you own a catering business.

The whole concept of public liability – and your duty of care to act as a “good neighbour” towards all those with whom you come into contact – was effectively established in a famous, landmark case of Donoghue v Stephenson in 1932 which went all the way to the House of Lords.

The plaintiff in this case – a Mrs Donoghue – had purchased from a caterer a bottle of ginger beer which unfortunately contained the remains of a decomposed snail! The Lords ruled that the caterer had a duty of care towards its customers, who had the right to succeed in any complaint of negligence if that duty was breached.

The principle established the whole notion of a business owing a duty of care towards its customers – a duty to ensure that every precaution is taken to avoid causing injury or other damage.

To this day, you still have that duty of care. It extends to the food that you serve, the equipment you use and the precautions you take to ensure that no one is injured – on the hot plates you use or by hot spilt cooking fat, for example – in the conduct of your business.

If you breach that duty of care, you may be sued for damages – and these might assume substantial proportions. The public liability cover typically included in caterers’ insurance, therefore, is for at least £1 million.

Is there any legal requirement for me to hold employers’ liability insurance?

If you employ anyone to help run your catering business, the answer is almost certain to be yes.

In the same way that you have a duty of care towards your customers and members of the public in general, the law holds that you have a particular duty to ensure that your employees work in a safe environment that does not prejudice their health.

In the event that an employee is injured or suffers an illness or other medical condition through their employment, the law requires that you hold a minimum of £5 million employers’ liability insurance to cover their claim.

My catering business keeps me on the road travelling from one event to another, do I need additional insurance?

Any vehicle you use to travel between jobs must of course be insured to a minimum of third party cover – that is the law.

Mobile catering insurance might therefore include all the insurance cover you need for the vehicle or vehicles you use.

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