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Engineers professional indemnity insurance

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*Based on a Building Contractor rated Type 6. For a limit of indemnity of £50,000 on an Aggregate Claims made basis...

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What is engineers’ insurance

Engineers’ insurance is designed to offer protection for your business should something go wrong. Whether you’re responsible for structural alterations to properties or working on civil works projects, if you are found liable should an accident occur, this insurance can cover you.

There are many risks to working in the engineering industry that can include someone getting injured on your worksite, or as a result of the works you carry out on a property. It also covers instances in which damage is caused as a result of your actions, in which case the individual may choose to sue. If you are shown to have not followed your duty of care, this can lead to hefty fines and compensation as a result.

At, we provide the policies you need to suit the risks and requirements of your specific business as an engineer. Should the worst happen, and either a member of the public or someone’s property is damaged, this public liability insurance is there to help you against potential bills or costs.

Who needs engineers’ insurance?

If you’re an engineer that works in other people’s property or around members of the public, then you might want to find the right insurance to best suit your business and livelihood. A single claim could bankrupt a small business if you are uninsured.

It’s important to understand that you have a duty of care as an engineer, not only towards those you work alongside with but with any people you may come across in the workplace, from customers to site visitors, to suppliers and other workers and any members of the public.

As part of your duty of care as an engineer, you need to take reasonable measures in all of your actions to avoid any property damage or risk of injury. This is a legal definition, meaning if you don’t follow that duty of care, you are liable for unfortunate eventualities that may occur.

As standard, our public liability insurance covers engineers for £5 million. For more extensive requirements or specific needs, we can cover your business for up to £10 million, depending on your requirements.

What does engineers' insurance cover?

The exact engineers’ insurance we can offer your business depends on exactly what you need to be covered for. Our public liability insurance starts at £5 million, based on the requirement laid out by the law. This can increase to 10 million as needed, based on the specifications of your business. Our insurance also covers claim of injuries as well as property damage as standard.

All insurance types we offer for engineers can include ‘all risk’, which provides cover for loss, damage or theft of machinery, tools or other relevant equipment required for getting the job done. We also include provisions for the hire of replacement equipment and tools, to allow you to keep on working without waiting for lengthy repairs or replacements.

Our goal at is to provide you with engineers’ insurance that’s perfectly suited for your business need. From policies to cover turnover and a flexible wage force, to cover for fixed employee numbers, we cover it all. In addition to our standard coverage, we also have the option of vehicle insurance for vans, providing you with the cover you need to achieve all you want to for your business, without fear of unexpected costs or liability.


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The normal limits are £1m, £2m or £5m. This can be extended up to £10m or more if required. 

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