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Kebab shop insurance

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Insurance for kebab shops

If you run any kind of hot food takeaway setup – such as a kebab shop – you are probably used to a queue of hungry customers snaking outside your premises and half-way around the next block.

The clamour of eager customers may be good for business, but it might also bring a number of risks which might not have been immediately apparent when setting up your enterprise.

The combination of crowds of people, hard-pressed staff, deep-fat fryers, kebab spits and other kitchen equipment might not make for the safest of environments. Accidents might happen and people might get hurt.

Whether the injured victims are your customers, members of staff or even passing members of the public, you may be held liable and ordered to pay substantial compensation. There are types of insurance designed to protect you against the financial impact of such claims and you might want to ensure that your kebab shop insurance provides that protection.

Other risks of loss or damage may be more tangible. You have invested a considerable sum in kitting out and equipping your takeaway – deep-fat fryers, perhaps, kebab spits, microwaves and any number of other kitchen appliances. If these get damaged, or are stolen, your business suffers as you struggle to find the funds to repair or replace such essential equipment. Takeaway insurance may provide just that financial wherewithal.

More reasons for choosing us?

What are the potential liabilities my kebab shop faces?

As the owner of the kebab shop – or any other fast food takeaway – you immediately assume a responsibility for the safety of your customers, your suppliers, neighbours and members of the public.

Specifically, you owe all these people a duty of care. You have a responsibility for ensuring that nothing you do – or fail to do – in the course of your business ends up injuring or causing damage to others’ property. If it does, the injured party may sue you for breach of your duty of care and negligence as the property owner.

If that liability is upheld, you may be ordered to pay a substantial sum in compensation to the injured party.

Indeed, the potential for such compensation to reach substantial proportions is such that public liability insurance – which indemnifies you against this type of claim – typically provides cover of at least £1 million.

If you employ staff, you need employers’ liability insurance

Although it is very much up to you whether or not you choose to arrange public liability insurance, you have no such option if you employ staff. With all but a very few exceptions, if you employ anyone else to help run your kebab shop you need employers’ liability insurance.

There are no two ways about it, the law requires that you have such cover. This is the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act of 1969, which insists that you hold a minimum of £5 million of cover to meet any claims from an employee or former employee who may have suffered an injury whilst working for you or contracted an illness or other medical condition because of their work for you.

A measure of the weight carried by this particular piece of legislation may be demonstrated by the fact that fines of up to £2,500 a day may be imposed on any employer failing to arrange the necessary cover.

Whilst the legal minimum level of cover is currently set at £5 million, the employers’ liability insurance policies we arrange here at come with a generous £10 million limit as standard.

Where is your business likely to be if your kebab spit or other essential cooking equipment is broken, damaged or stolen?

The equipment you use to prepare and to cook the food you serve is clearly essential to your business.

If it is broken or gets stolen, you may face a considerable bill for the repair or replacement of the affected pieces of equipment. Takeaway insurance may extend cover for the protection of this essential kit, providing you with the financial resources to repair or replace lost, stolen or damaged items as and when necessary.

In the event of broken or stolen equipment, your business is likely to suffer pending its repair or replacement – and this might involve some delay. In order to help compensate for this business disruption and loss of income you might otherwise enjoy, some forms of kebab shop or takeaway insurance may provide just such financial assistance.

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