Small Van Insurance

We understand the risks you take on a daily basis.


Trust is a huge factor for you, so here goes:

  • With a fully-comprehensive insurance policy any damages sustained to your vehicle or caused by your vehicle will be covered
  • Trust us to put your best interests at heart
  • If you spend a considerable amount of time on the road, it’s likely that you will pay more than someone who uses their van solely on weekends.
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Insurance for small vans

What would you do without it? It’s not size that counts. But practically any type of small business might grow to depend on their small van.

For self-employed tradesmen in particular, a small van is often found to be the perfect answer for getting lighter loads of materials and supplies or tools and equipment from one job to another.

Like any small workhorse, of course you want to treat it well, look after and protect it through still more years of faithful service. Your business probably depends on it.

And that’s what is likely to make your choice of small van insurance so important. Van cover is capable of providing the safeguards you need against theft, loss or damage of this critical business asset and provides you with the financial wherewithal to pay for repairs that they become necessary or even to buy a new one if it is totally written off.

Although the principle of protecting your van against such misfortune may be simple and straight forward enough, when it comes to insurance you are likely to be posed with a number of important and potentially critical decisions.

To help you make those that are appropriate for your own, individual business needs, you might want to turn to our specialist advice and guidance here at constructaquote.com.

Why us?

Finding the appropriate small van insurance

In order to compare quotes meaningfully and to choose the appropriate van cover to suit your business, there are a number of decisions and considerations to take into account.

Perhaps the first and most important of these is the level of cover you need.

Third party only cover

Comprehensive insurance

Whatever age or condition of your small van, however, it is worth bearing in mind that the least amount of protection may not always prove the cheapest. Comprehensive insurance, in other words, might in fact prove a more economic buy than cover which offers only third party, fire and theft cover.

What happens in the event of an accident?

After an accident, your van is likely to be out of action until you are able to get it repaired.

You may have taken the precaution of arranging comprehensive insurance, so the repairs to your van are covered. But it is bad enough when your own driving error ends up with significant damage to your van. You are likely to be kicking yourself for the mistake.

How much more difficult it is to stomach when someone else is responsible for an accident which puts the vehicle off the road for a week or so until it is repaired, but whilst your business suffers as a result. On top of that, you might be worried about recovering any excess you paid on the repairs and, of course, any effect the claim might have on your no claims discount.

With our full accident management service, however, your concerns following any non-fault accident may be put to rest. The legal expenses cover that comes with this help to ensure that you secure the other party’s admission of liability and, so, are able to recover your excess, without any impact on your no claims discount.

Best of all, perhaps, we find you a like-for-like replacement vehicle for as long as it takes to get your own van repaired, so that your business may continue to run as normal.

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