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What is courier insurance?

If you deliver parcels, documents or other items of mail, you're probably what's termed as a courier. Courier work usually involves delivering large numbers of items in a relatively short time span, which means a van or similar vehicle is essential if the work is going to get done. Although it's the law that every vehicle on the road has to be covered by some form of insurance, courier insurance is a specialist form of insurance that's suitable for couriers to use.

Remember that for a courier, a van is essential. Time away from work whilst your van is being repaired following a collision is time that you're not earning. Similarly, if your van is a Total Loss after an incident, how are you going to finance a new van if your insurance doesn't cover it? Courier insurance may frequently include cover which ensures that if these circumstances come to pass, you'll have access to a vehicle whilst yours is being repaired and/or the funds to purchase a new vehicle should your existing one be damaged beyond repair.

Who needs courier insurance?

It is a legal requirement that vehicles are covered by an insurance policy if they are to be kept and driven on a public road. This means that, at a bare minimum, couriers need third party insurance cover. Should your van be involved in an accident, the damage to the other party will usually be paid for under the terms of third party insurance. This form of cover isn't recommended for couriers for two reasons:

- Third party insurance doesn't cover your vehicle: if you have an accident, unless you opt for fully comprehensive insurance, you will need to pay for your own repairs.
- Comprehensive insurance may offer additional benefits beyond simply covering vehicle repairs.

We suggest that a fully comprehensive policy, which may cover the cost of repairs for your vehicle and the other party involved, is possibly going to be the most helpful form of courier insurance.

What does courier insurance cover?

At an absolute minimum, third party insurance usually means the costs incurred by the other party will be covered through your insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance may cover the cost of repairs to your vehicle and the other party's car or van. In addition, it is frequently possible to purchase a number of optional "add ons". These are additional products which can provide some useful options for courier insurance. Additional purchases which can be of benefit may include:

- Cover in case of a breakdown, including roadside recovery.
- Cover for the contents of your vehicle: this may include cover for the goods whilst they are in transit, or when your vehicle is parked up.
- Cover for the cost of hiring a courtesy vehicle whilst yours is off the road.

Particularly if you are self-employed (which many couriers are), it's vital to make sure that you have an adequate amount of cover in place. Should the worst happen, the right courier insurance ensures that you suffer as little disruption and loss of earnings as possible.


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These include:

  • Micro/Small/Light – used to carry small loads or deliveries. The front end is similar to a car, but with a van back, and sometimes with a raised roof.
  • Medium/Panel – van derivative of a car, looks like the van equivalent with the back windows filled. Load area and cab are joined.
  • Large/Box – similar shape to the medium vans with a larger carrying capacity, load area is segregated from the cab.
  • Pick-up – cab with an open back, where the load is uncovered.

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Yes, breakdown cover can be arranged please call 08081 68 68 68 to get a quote.

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Yes, our insurers have specific insurance policies set up designed for couriers. In addition, we can also provide goods in transit cover to give you total peace of mind. 

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When quoting for there are some slight differences as insurers have to include some of the following added risks:

  • The total weight of the loaded vehicle.
  • The size, type or nature of the contents carried i.e. hazardous load.
  • Modifications such as lifting ramps.
  • Ownership of the contents within i.e. do the goods belong to the vehicle owner?

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