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Insurance for couriers

There are few small businesses which rely on a delivery van quite as much as a courier service. Without that essential equipment, the task of delivering goods from one place to another or from one customer’s door to another simply couldn’t be done.

Instead, for the successful courier business, it is a constant round of stopping and starting, getting in, getting out, picking up and delivering. Just listing some of the tasks to be done suggests what a toll is likely to be taken on the vehicle itself.

But your business relies on that faithful van performing day in and day out, working against the clock and ensuring that pick-ups and deliveries are done on time. There is no margin for costly delays whilst you try to raise the funds for the repair of a vehicle that is damaged or the replacement of one that is written off.

In short, your business is likely to rely on courier van insurance every bit as much as the van itself. Getting the appropriate type and level of insurance for couriers is clearly critical – so critical that you might want to discuss your specific, individual needs with the experts here at constructaquote.com.

Why us?

Do I need courier van insurance

You need motor insurance not only to drive but also to keep any vehicle. That is the law. Since the introduction of continuous insurance enforcement in 2011, insurance is legally required even for those vehicles kept off-road.

Your courier van, of course, is very much on-road – day in and day out, whatever the weather, whatever the load and whatever the time of day. Keeping the wheels of the van turning is essential to the success of your courier business.  Not only because the law says so, therefore, but also for the protection of your own business interests, you are going to need courier van insurance – and, like as not, insurance cover that exceeds the very limited, bare minimum legal requirement for third party cover.

The insurance you arrange also needs to be specifically for business use of the van. Unless business use is specified, your insurance may be invalid, leaving you foul of the law, and of course without the protection you need in the event of a claim.

What level of cover do I need?

The level of courier van insurance you choose is likely to be determined by the age and value of the van itself. Your choices are:

Third party only

Third party, fire and theft

Comprehensive insurance

When choosing the cover to suit you, it may be worth keeping in mind that the lower levels of cover may not always be the cheapest. It may be possible to secure better protection at a cheaper rate. That is another of the areas in which a specialist company like us at constructaquote.com is well placed to offer you advice.


The insurance you choose is likely to incorporate what is called a compulsory excess. You have no choice but to agree to pay a certain contribution (an excess) towards the settlement of any claim you may make for loss or damage.

If you are looking to reduce the cost of premiums for your van insurance, you might want to consider accepting a further, voluntary excess. By doing so, you agree to sharing more of the risks of loss or damage. The more you shoulder, the less there is for the insurer to have at risk, and so premiums may be reduced.

If you go down this road to managing the cost of your courier van insurance, however, it is important to remember that you are responsible for paying the combined amounts of both compulsory and voluntary excess in the event of a claim.

Recommended extras

Finally, there are many optional elements of protection that we can offer, such as breakdown cover, cover for your windscreen and courier goods in transit insurance. Why not get a courier insurance quote today, or get in touch to see just how cost-effective are policies are?

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