FAQs - What is contractors all risk (CAR) insurance?

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What does CAR cover include?

Contractors all risk (CAR) insurance is specifically aimed at those who work within the construction sector.

This policy is usually provided on an annual basis and provides protection for individual construction contracts, including:

A CAR policy is generally the single most inclusive insurance policy for those who work within the construction sector.

How do insurers calculate risk?

Before insurers quote you a premium for your CAR policy, they will first consider a number of factors in order to determine what kind of risk you are.

Such factors will include the scope, value, location and duration of the work you will be undertaking.

Do I need to cover temporary site structures?

Sometimes temporary site buildings are automatically included in a CAR policy as long as these are the insured works originally stipulated when buying the policy.

They may be covered under the general definition of the contract works indemnified by the definition of contract works within the policy.

If not, then it will be down to the policyholder to amend said policy to include any temporary buildings as required.

How much cover do I need?

The amount you require will usually depend on the highest contract value that will be undertaken during the policy term.

You should consider:

What other policies should I consider?

In order to ensure that you have all your bases covered, you may also want to consider:

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