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Public liability insurance

We know you need the right cover at a fair price. That's why we're here to help you find the policy that suits your business

Why choose us?

  • Established in 1990, we have 28+ years of experience helping businesses get the cover they need.
  • Public liability insurance from just £43*.
  • Our team is customer focused with a UK based contact centre.
  • Get a free quote in minutes.
  • Instant cover and policy documents.

*Based on a hairdresser quoted on a small business and liability consultants product with a £1million limit of indemnity...

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Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is designed to protect the interests of you, your business and any third parties on business properties that you are responsible for.

For example, if you are office based, the cover will protect any visitors to your office. If you are managing a building site, the public liability cover will cover visitors to the site. Have a shop and a member of the public slips on a wet floor? We can cover you. Are you a plumber, hairdresser, someone who visits their clients or exhibits at events? Then public liability insurance may typically cover you too.

Should someone suffer from an injury while on your business premises or due to your business operations, or have damage caused to their property, they could sue you for compensation. Compensation may typically include loss of earnings, future loss of earnings, pain and suffering and damages awarded to the claimant (as well as their legal costs if you are found to be at fault).

This is where public liability insurance steps in by covering the costs (up to £10 million) for legal fees and any financial awards made to the claimant.

And even if you win the case and do not have to pay compensation, you may typically still be liable for your own legal costs.

Without this insurance, this would be money that you would typically need to find from your own business. As legal costs and awards can literally run in to hundreds of thousands - even millions - of pounds, would your business still be able to keep afloat if a claim was made against it and you did not have public liability cover?

At we are proud of our public liability insurance cover,  which we believe offers great value for money backed with a first class service. And those are not the only reasons we invite you to get a public liability insurance online quote!

Why choose for your public liability insurance?

Who needs public liability insurance?

This cover protects you and your business against claims made against you for injury to a person or damage to a property. This can be caused by you or an employee while on a business property you are responsible for, or due to your business operations.

It can also protect your reputation should something go wrong – something that may typically be very important to you after building up your business.

As you can see, public liability insurance is a very important part in the protection of your business, but it isn’t a legal requirement. You could, however, find it difficult to attract clients if you do not have this cover, as companies requiring your services may typically insist that you have this protection as part of your contract with them.

Having public liability insurance in place shows you are a reputable business.  Giving your customers faith that in the event of damage to their property or injury to a third party due to your business operations, they are properly protected by your insurance.

How much public liability insurance do I need?

The levels of cover your business may need will be based primarily on two things:

These levels of cover are usually bought in limits of cover, starting at £1 million; this covers your business for every claim made against it, up to this value over an annual policy period.

Businesses operating in the public sector may require much higher limits with amounts of £2 million, £5 million and sometimes up to £10 million not uncommon.

Getting an online quote for public liability insurance with is simple.

How do I get a public liability insurance online quote?

At we make it quick and easy for you to get a public liability insurance online quote. Simply fill in our short form in order to get a cost-effective, no-obligation quote. Alternatively, please feel free to contact one of our team of specialists so they can help you choose the most appropriate policy and level of cover needed for your business.

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