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Restaurant insurance

Running a restaurant can come with a wide array of challenges, make sure you find the cover best suited for your business with

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  • We have been working in this line of business since 1990
  • Through our employers’ liability insurance add-on, we are able to provide £10 million of cover as standard
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Insurance for restaurants

Successful restaurants are busy restaurants. The busier your restaurant, therefore, the happier you are likely to be.

Whilst a steady stream of diners coming through your doors is likely to be welcome – and your kitchen and front of house staff are frantically working to satisfy them – all that activity increases the risk of accidents, injuries, and damage to your or someone else’s property.

These risks are all part and parcel of the normal course of business for any restaurant – whatever its size, whether catering for top of the range cordon bleu menus or considerably more modest fare.

Fortunately, therefore, the protection any restauranteur such as you may need, is readily available in restaurant insurance. Not only is it readily available, but here at, we are able to make sure that the cover you choose is the cover that is suitable for your particular establishment – and comes at a competitively priced rate.

Why choose

What type of restaurant insurance cover do I need?

Your restaurant is only as good as the food you have to serve. But perishable stock and provisions such as this are vulnerable to loss and damage. A power cut, for instance, might ruin everything you have in store and cost a considerable amount to replace.

Whether it is an incident such as this, or some natural event such as flooding, which leads to a temporary closure, your restaurant obviously loses the income upon which your business depends.

Restaurant insurance cover is there to provide compensation, up to certain predetermined limits, in the event of such interruption to your business and the loss of income.

On what might seem a more mundane level, your restaurant insurance may also cover breakages to table and glassware or to accidental damage to essential kitchen equipment and appliances.

If you have a big glass shop front, for example, cover can be provided for that too, as well as employee dishonesty, loss of your personal alcohol licence and many other unexpected events that could stop your business trading.

Protecting your guests with public liability insurance

As the owner of the restaurant you have a duty of care towards the public you serve.

This duty extends not only to your customers but also to your neighbours and to the wider public at large. If someone is injured within your restaurant, or outside in the carpark, you may be held liable. By the same token, you may also be held liable for any damage to others’ property.

This is known as your public liability and if you are held to be negligent in the exercise of your duties as the restaurant owner, you may be sued by the injured parties and ordered to pay a substantial sum in damages. The death of someone in your poorly signed, inadequately lit or dangerously situated carpark, for instance, might lead to very substantial damages indeed.

For reasons such as this, it is usual for public liability insurance for restauranteurs to provide at least £1 million of cover.

Protecting your staff with employers’ liability insurance

Quite separately, and in addition to your duty of care towards your customers and members of the public, you also have an important duty of care towards your staff and employees – whether they are working in the kitchen, front of house or in any other capacity.

If it is alleged that some negligence on your part as their employer leads to their being injured or contracting an illness or some other medical condition, you may be ordered to pay a substantial sum in damages.

To make sure that you have the wherewithal to meet any such claim for compensation, the law demands that you have sufficient employers’ liability insurance in place from the day anyone is taken on. Your failure to do so may incur fines of up to £2,500 for every day that the cover is not in place. Even for failing to display the certificate of your employers’ liability insurance you may be fined up to £1,000.

Clearly, therefore, employers’ liability insurance is important and the law requires that you hold a minimum of £5 million of cover. Here at, however, we go that extra mile by ensuring that your employers’ liability cover not only meets the legal requirement but goes a big step forward in providing up to £10 million as standard on any policy we offer.

From cover for your stocks of food, furniture and table ware, to protection against your liabilities towards members of the public and towards your employees, we are able to offer the cover your restaurant may need.

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