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Coffee shop insurance

At, we make sure you brew up a policy that makes you relax about running your business.

Why us?

  • Our specialist knowledge in arranging cover for a whole range of coffee shops, cafés and tea rooms
  • An expertise that has been built up since 1990
  • Add-on cover that provides up to £10 million employers’ liability insurance as standard
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What is coffee shop insurance?

Although thousands of employees and customers use coffee shops without incident, there is always the potential for someone to suffer an accident on your premises. This can lead to legal action and possibly the need to pay compensation. Coffee shop insurance which includes employers' liability and public liability protection can ensure that, should an incident occur, your business is covered. We provide employers' liability insurance up to £10 million!

In addition, insurance can be obtained to cover against loss of earnings should your coffee shop be unable to operate for any reason. To make sure your business is covered, can offer a selection of coffee shop insurance products that can give you the policy you need.

Without suitable insurance, your coffee shop and livelihood could be in serious trouble should an accident or unfortunate event occur. Why risk it? We offer competitively priced coffee shop insurance that provides cover against the majority of issues a coffee shop owner is likely to face.

Who needs coffee shop insurance?

If you're a coffee shop/tea shop/snack bar owner or operate a similar food & beverage outlet, you'll need some form of coffee shop insurance. This is the case whether you operate from stand-alone premises, from some form of vehicle or as a tenant within a larger complex (for example, providing the catering at a leisure centre or retail complex). At, we provide insurance which covers the fabric of your premises, as well as the fittings and fixtures needed to operate effectively.

For a business that has employees, you will also need to consider appropriate employee insurance.

Because your business serves members of the public, you will need public liability insurance (this covers your business in the event that a customer has a trip or fall on your premises, or otherwise comes to harm). Even if your company is not found negligent, public liability insurance still needs to be in place.

You may also wish to consider some form of sickness cover in case you, or a member of your team, are unable to work due to sickness.

What does coffee shop insurance cover?

There are a number of different coffee shop insurance products on the market. We can put together a package of cover that ensures your business is adequately protected. The main types of cover available at include:

- Building & contents cover: this covers damage to your premises and equipment, as well as recompense in the event of theft.
- Employers' liability insurance: in the event that one of your employees suffers harm, this insurance will cover you against legal claims centering on your responsibilities as an employer.
- Public liability insurance: this covers you against negligence claims made by customers.

If you have a particular insurance need for your coffee shop which isn't covered here, get in touch with, who will be able to suggest a suitable solution.


  1. UK based contact centre trained to help you with your insurance queries
  2. Since 1990, we've been helping businesses find the cover they need to stay protected
  3. Flexibility to adapt your policies throughout the year
  4. Ability to obtain a policy with cover up to £10 million

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