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Fish & chip shop insurance

At, we want your business to succeed, not get battered and fried.

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Insurance for fish and chip shops

When you have customers coming through your doors and a hardworking team of fryers busily serving them all, you are doing your utmost to keep the shop clean and safe, but your customers and staff are entering an environment featuring deep-fat fryers, other kitchen equipment and floors that may become slippery from time to time.

And that is an environment that – with all the care in the world – might spell accidents.

If that accident happens and someone is injured or has their property damaged, then you, the fish and chip shop owner, may be held liable and ordered to pay compensation as a result.

Along with many other risks, fish and chip shop insurance is designed to indemnify you against such claims.

Why choose for your fish and chip shop insurance quote?

I want to insure all the equipment, fittings and fixtures in my chip shop too

That is one of the central features of insurance for fish and chip shop owners.

The deep-fat fryer, or fryers, for example, are at the very heart of the service you provide – without them, you are able to deliver neither the fish nor the chips.

In addition, you are likely to have a whole range of other kitchen appliances for the preparation, presentation and serving of your products, together with the fixtures and furnishings necessary for keeping your waiting customers comfortable. Your shop window and signage alone is likely to have cost a substantial sum.

Fish and chip shop insurance is designed to cover all of these items against loss or damage, providing you the wherewithal to repair or replace anything that gets stolen, lost or damaged.

But what happens to my business whilst I’m waiting for repairs and replacements?

When your fryers break down, your shop window gets smashed, or your stock of fish or potatoes is lost or damaged, your sales inevitably suffer as your business temporarily closes down.

That is the time you might be glad of insurance which also covers the interruption to your normal business income. Depending on the level of cover you decide upon, business interruption insurance may provide full or partial compensation for the income you lose as the result of an insured event.

Tell me more about my liabilities

As the fish and chip shop owner, you owe a duty of care to customers who enter your shop and even members of the public who happen to be passing by.

If any one of these suffers an injury or has their property damaged, you may be held negligent in that duty of care, liable for the injury or damage caused and ordered to pay compensation.

Depending on the extent of any injuries or property damage, the level of compensation you are ordered to pay may be substantial indeed – enough to put you out of business unless you have sufficient public liability insurance. Typically, this provides cover for at least £1 million or upto £5 million.

As far as any staff are concerned, your responsibilities and duty of care towards them are even more onerous than to members of the public. The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969, and its amendments, require that in almost every case where employees are engaged, employers’ liability insurance of at least £5 million is required to be held by the employer.

This is to make sure that any employee who is injured or contacts an illness or other medical condition as a result of their work is assured of receiving any compensation to which they may be entitled.

If you employ staff, it is important to keep in mind your obligation to arrange this form of insurance since you may be fined up to £2,500 for every day that it is not in place.

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