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Fish & chip shop insurance

At, we want your business to succeed, not get battered and fried.

Why us?

  • We've been helping small businesses such as yours since 1990
  • We include as much as £10 million of cover in our employers’ liability insurance
  • Our UK based contact centre is here to help you with your insurance needs
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What is fish and chip shop insurance?

Fish and chip shop insurance offers specific protection and cover to chip shop business owners, designed to cover the exact requirements, risks and incidents related to work both in a kitchen and with members of the public at large. This coverage protects your shop against a range of different risks and incidents that could easily cost your business thousands, if not more.

For fish and chip shops, the risks don’t stop at the counter. With the risk of a workplace injury or damage both in the kitchen and out front, as well as additional risks of flooding, fire and machinery incidents, having the appropriate cover is a must to keep your business on-point in the long-run. Duty of care is a particular concern for fish and chip shops due to their customer-facing role.

With, our knowledge of business insurance for companies of all shapes and sizes provides us with the insight needed to offer your fish and chip shop the cover it needs. Don’t wait for the worst to happen; protect your business today.

Who needs fish and chip shop insurance?

If you own or lease a fish and chip shop, then investing in the best possible insurance for your business is a smart use of your money. Under the Employers’ Liability Act, it’s required that you cover all of your employees with comprehensive insurance to ensure their wellbeing and safety is met at all times – and should an incident or accident occur, you’re not liable for a hefty compensation claim.

It’s vital that you provide the right duty of care to employees, as well as ensuring your business is covered for malicious damage and theft to your machinery and equipment.  If you run a company that’s open to the public, and you have fryers, ovens or any other equipment that can be damaged, then having insurance in place is the best thing you can do, to save unexpected costs or sudden bills from damaging your income.

We offer comprehensive insurance for fish and chip shops which includes anything from £5 million in employers' liability through to full cover for compensation for accidentally damaged or stolen equipment.

What does fish and chip shop insurance cover?

The level of coverage fish and chip shop insurance includes depends entirely on your specific business requirements and personal preference. While employers' liability is a legal requirement for any business with staff, additional protection is more than worth the investment to protect your business for the foreseeable future.

We offer full coverage insurance for fish and chip shops. This includes anything from the fittings, fixtures and furnishings within your shop through to the machinery and equipment used to create the food your customers love. We even offer compensation or replacements for vital equipment to ensure you’re never left without when it comes to the essential parts of your business, such as deep-fat fryers.


  1. Since 1990, we've been helping businesses find the cover they need to stay protected
  2. UK based contact centre trained to help you with your insurance queries
  3. Ability to obtain a policy with cover up to £10 million
  4. Flexibility to adapt your policies throughout the year

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It’s essential to have sufficient public liability insurance cover to protect yourself and your business against claims of negligence resulting in injury to a member of public or damage to property. Failure to do so could result in a legal claim being brought against you and your business for damages in the event of a claim.

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The normal limits are £1m, £2m or £5m. This can be extended up to £10m or more if required in specialist circumstances.

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