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Hotel insurance

As a business that is dedicated to service you'll appreciate what our hotel insurance can offer you.

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Insurance for hotels

There was a time when it might have seemed that all of the UK's hotels were being bought up and run by large, multinational chains.

Thanks to the resurgence of small, boutique, often family run hotels, that picture is changing – much to the delight of the travelling public.

But small and boutique certainly does not make your venture into the hospitality industry any less busy or demanding. You may bear even more of the strain in keeping your guests happy and satisfied, catering to their every need.

With a small business like this to run, one of the last details you might want to worry about is deciding on exactly what hotel insurance you need and then trawling through a seemingly endless list of potential insurers to identify the policy that might seem to suit.

So, why not let us at help you find the policy best suited to your business? Draw on our many years of expertise and experience in arranging insurance for a whole variety of small businesses – including hotels such as yours.

Best of all, you may find that the cover you need may be cheaper than you first imagined if you choose one of our competitively priced hotel insurance quotes.

Why choose

What do I need to look out for when arranging hotel insurance?

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes, in just about every corner of the country, catering for an especially wide cross-section of guests. Hotel insurance needs to reflect all of those differences – in other words, no one size fits all.

That said, there are nevertheless a number of key elements typically associated with insurance for hotel, guest house and B&B owners.

The building and its contents

Most obviously of all, perhaps, is the concern to protect the structure and fabric of the building itself, together with the contents you own, against such major perils as fire, smoke damage, flooding, storm damage, impacts (from vehicles, aeroplanes or falling trees and branches), vandalism and theft.

When insuring the building it is important to anticipate the worst case scenario especially severe insured event needs to be completely rebuilt. Those reconstruction costs are typically reflected in the total building sum insured.

It’s a private hotel, so do I need public liability insurance?

The hotel might be privately owned, but that doesn't stop the risks posed by members of the public, your guests, their visitors, suppliers, your neighbours and anyone else who comes into contact with the business you are running.

As the owner of the hotel, you owe a duty of care towards anyone and all of those individuals. What that means is that if anyone is injured or has their property damaged and claims that this is the result of your having been negligent in your duty of care, you may be sued for damages by way of compensation.

Not only may you be sued, but the amount awarded in damages might be substantial – especially personal injury, not to mention a death, is concerned. For that reason, public liability insurance is customarily arranged to provide a minimum of £1 million indemnity to the hotel owner.

Your particular duty of care – employers’ liability insurance

Your duty of care is sometimes known as the “good neighbour” principle – which itself derives from a judgement in the High Court during the 1930s. This held that any individual owes a duty of care to take all reasonable steps to ensure that their actions – or failure to act – cause no injury or property damage to anyone else related to them in some way.

This principle takes on a particular emphasis when it comes to any employees you may have engaged to help in the running of your hotel. You owe these employees a duty to ensure that their working environment is safe and healthy.

If one of them suffers a personal injury at work or contracts an illness or other medical condition because of their employment, you may be held negligent in your duty of care and ordered to pay substantial compensation.

It is a duty that has the force of law – the Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 and its amendments – which requires any employer to hold a minimum of £5 million indemnity against injury and illness claims by employees and former employees.

What next?

Why not see how we can help you protect your livelihood with one of our cost-effective, comprehensive policies? Get a quote online today or please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote you on your hotel insurance needs.

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