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Workshop Insurance

Our UK based insurance experts work with the UK's top insurers to help you find the best policy for your trade.

Why us?

  • Cover for your stock and the contents of your workshop is included
  • Public liability insurance is included as standard in all of our workshop insurance policies
  • UK based contact centre ready to help you with your insurance needs
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Insurance for workshops

Imagine the many different kinds of workshop there may be – workshops for mechanical repairs to your car, for example, carpentry and joinery workshops, and others from glaziers to kitchen and bathroom fitters.

If you own any type of workshop, some of your business might be conducted on the premises, whilst the remainder requires you to travel out and about, visiting your clients in their own homes.

One of the hazards of your business is that your workshop is geared to making things, fixing things, repairing things and generally getting them to work as intended. In the process of doing that very job, however, an accident might cause you to damage your customer’s property – whether in your workshop or at his or her own home.

Still worse than any property damage you may cause is the risk of some action – or inaction – on your part that results in a customer, or a member of the public, suffering some personal injury.

These are just some of the risks which you might want to guard against with appropriate workshop insurance, but there are other threats to your business, too. It is providing protection against such risks that we offer our services here at

Why choose us?

What might I be looking for in my workshop insurance?

Although many different kinds of business may operate from a workshop, there are typically a few key areas of protection offered by the appropriate insurance.

The workshop and its contents

If you own the premises housing your workshop, of course you are likely to want protection for the structure and fabric of the building itself. Typically, risks such as fire, flooding, storm damage, impacts, vandalism and theft are covered by such building insurance, with the total sum insured reflecting the costs of reconstructing the premises in the event of a total loss.

Whether you own the building or are leasing your workshop, however, the contents alone are likely to represent a considerable outlay for which you may want the reassurance of comprehensive insurance – without your tools and equipment, after all, your workshop is unlikely to survive in business for very much longer.

When an insured loss temporarily prevents you from working as normal

Although you have insured against them, some incidents and events might mean that you have to close your workshop for a while until repairs have been made or essential tools and equipment replaced.

Since any such closure is almost certain to affect the income you might otherwise have earned, business interruption insurance may be arranged to make good any losses to your normal income.

Despite any manufacturers’ warranties you may still bear product liability

In the course of your work, you might be supplying products – replacement parts, for example – from a number of different manufacturers.

Although each of these is likely to carry a manufacturer’s warranty against defective materials or workmanship, you may still be held liable for the failure of any product you have supplied and which subsequently causes your customer financial loss or even injury.

You might want to include product liability insurance, therefore, in any workshop cover you arrange.

You may have no choice but to arrange employers’ liability insurance

If you employ anyone else in your workshop business – even someone who is on work experience and not being paid – the law requires that you have employers’ liability insurance of at least £5 million.

The intention of this law is to make sure that if you are held liable for any injury suffered by an employee, or any illness or other medical condition which might be contracted as a result of his or her employment, you have the financial wherewithal to pay any compensation to which the individual may be entitled.

Although £5 million is the legal minimum, the employers’ liability insurance policies we arrange here at all come with up to £10 million of cover.

Public liability insurance remains your own choice – but you might be glad you have it

Whether it happens in your own workshop or at the customer’s own home, there is always a risk that the work you are doing causes accident injury to the customer or damage to his or her property. Depending on the nature of the work you are carrying out, an injury or property damage may also be caused to a neighbour or member of the public.

In any one of these cases, public liability insurance may protect you with indemnity against such claims – usually up to a minimum of at least £1 million.

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