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Office insurance

We appreciate insurance is an important purchase for your business, that's why our insurance experts have been delivering excellent service since 1990.

Why us?

  • Public liability insurance included as standard with our office insurance policies
  • Your computer equipment is covered against breakdown
  • Get an office insurance quote online
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Insurance for offices

Whether your office is a small, behind the scenes office that never has visitors; it is home-based office; or a large office that has regular callers, you can be assured that at we can help you find the most appropriate and cost-effective insurance solution for your business needs.

Different offices may have different insurance requirements – for example, the needs of an office with a big shop front window and lots of visitors may be vastly different to that of a back office that does not have a lot of footfall.

At we can provide your business with cover so that you get exactly the protection that your business needs, from insuring the business premises and contents, to meeting your legal obligations with employers’ liability insurance, as well as any additional cover required such as professional indemnity insurance.

We understand that if something goes wrong with your business, not only could you lose money, but you could lose clients too. That is why we work hard to provide office insurance quotes that are not only attractively-priced, but give you comprehensive cover, so you can feel confident that your business and your office are properly protected.

What could go wrong with your business?

There are many risks and hazards that a business and its office faces, including:

With our range of office insurance policies, you can feel confident that you have all your bases covered, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best – running your business.

Why get an office insurance quote from us?

What is office insurance?

Simply put, office insurance protects you, your premises and your business against a number of risks. Our office insurance can provide protection against nearly every conceivable risk your business faces from damage caused by fire or flood, liability issues with the general public, clients and your own employees.

We recommend you ask us for a quote for your office insurance so you can choose the cover which best matches your business needs, rather than simply choosing the policy with the lowest price.

Office insurance quotes typically may include options for the following …

Buildings and office contents insurance

Our office insurance products will be able to protect your building and the contents of your office in the event of flood, fire, accidental and malicious damage.

In terms of your office contents, our policies provide protection against theft, damage and breakdown of your equipment including PCs, mobile phones, printers, furniture and any other contents you wish to include in your cover.

The need for public liability insurance

If you have members of the public or clients visiting your office, then it is advisable to ensure you are protected in the event someone makes a claim against you or your business due to personal injury or damage to their property.

While office public liability insurance is typically not a statutory requirement, it is a vital component of insurance to protect your business. With claims for, and legal costs associated with, personal injury easily running in to hundreds and thousands of pounds should a claim be successfully made against you, public liability insurance protects your liability and your reputation.

Do you need employers’ liability insurance?

If you have employees in your office, then in most cases, employers’ liability insurance is typically a legal requirement. The legal requirement for cover is £5 million but we include £10 million worth of employers’ liability cover as standard. It will protect you and your employees in the event of personal accidents in the workplace that could lead to compensation claims.

What does business interruption insurance cover?

Business interruption insurance will pay out in the event that your every day operations has to stop due to an insured loss such a equipment breakdown, theft of equipment or fire.

Business interruption will cover you against lost earnings and additional costs incurred during the period until you are back up and running again.

What other insurance may you need?

Depending on the type of business yours is, you may also require fleet insurance, professional indemnity insurance or cyber insurance.

Please contact us today for a no obligation quote for office insurance quotes or to see how we can help protect all areas of your business.

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