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Florist insurance

At, we want your business to flourish, not wilt away. That's why our policies are here to help you when you need it most.

Why us?

  • Our knowledge of small businesses insurance has been built up since 1990
  • Need cover for your employees, our employers’ liability policies come with £10 million standard
  • Our contact centre is based in the UK and ready to help you with your insurance queries
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Insurance for florists

A florist’s work is never done it seems – you get up before dawn to make sure you get the best buys from the flower market, spend the day in the shop and then, when special occasions like Mother’s Day, Easter and other holidays come around, end up working late into the night putting together the best of your flower arrangements.

For all this hard work, however, it is not easy making a financial success of a small business as a florist. Your supplies and the overheads of the business are likely to be costly and the profit margins tight.

Counting every penny you need to spend just running your business, therefore, you are likely to look for ways of cutting the costs of essentials such as your florist insurance.

You are almost certain to want the level and scope that provides optimum protection for your business, yet without paying over the top in terms of the premiums you need to pay.

That is where a specialist such as ourselves here at may come into our own. With our expertise and experience in arranging cover for businesses such as yours, we understand what you are likely to need and have the kind of inside knowledge of the whole insurance market to match your needs and requirements to the particular products available.

More reasons for choosing us?

Why is florist insurance likely to prove so useful?

It’s true of many kinds of insurance that you truly appreciate its benefits only when you need to make a claim. The same is true of insurance for florists.

What, then is the nature and scope of the type of claim typically submitted by a florist’s small business?

Do you have your public liability covered?

One of the signs of a successful small business is the footfall of number of customers visiting your shop. That is distinctly good for business, of course, but more bodies mean a greater chance of someone having an accident on your premises – slipping on a wet floor, for example, or having a display arrangement topple onto them.

If someone – a customer, a supplier, any other visitor to your shop or even a passing member of the public – is injured in such an accident, or has their property damaged, you may be held liable and sued for compensation.

Any compensation awarded may be a considerable amount, so it is common for public liability insurance to offer at least £1 million of cover against such incidents.

Pay even greater attention to your employers’ liability insurance

If you employ anyone else to help you run your florist business – in the shop, out and about making deliveries, or even in an administrative capacity, for example – it is still more important that you arrange employers’ liability insurance.

It is important not least because the law demands that you have such cover (in all but a very few instances, largely connected with your employment only of close family members). The Employers’ Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act 1969 and its subsequent amendments makes no bones about your need to have sufficient cover to respond to any claim made by one of your employees that an injury was suffered or an illness or some other medical condition sustained because of their work for you.

Even an employee in a florist’s business may suffer serious injuries or long-term sickness. So, the law requires that you hold a minimum of £5 million against any such possibility.

Make sure your motor insurance is for business use

Just as with your own private motor car, you need to keep any vehicle owned by your business adequately insured – the legal minimum is third party cover.

For the vehicle used by your business, though, it is important that your motor insurer understands that the car or van is used for business purposes – including, but not exclusively for, the delivery of flowers to your customers, for example.

Get to grips with goods in transit insurance

One of the more complicated and involved aspects of insuring your flowers – either on the way back from market or onward to your customers – is likely to be goods in transit insurance.

Just as the term suggests, this protects your flowers against loss or damage whilst they are moving from one place to another and may therefore provide an important element of protection for the blooms that are essential to your business.

At, it is our business to make sure your business is adequately protected against the unexpected. Why not get an online florists' insurance quote now, or contact us to see how we can help?

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