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Salon Insurance

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Insurance for salons

Whatever type of beauty salon you may own, there are likely to be all manner of treatments and regimes you offer to your customers – from nail tips, to all-over tanning to body wraps, to name just a few.

In the course of providing your wide range of treatments and services you no doubt hold an equally wide range of creams, potions and other consumables, many of which are likely to be costly.

In a busy salon the safety and well-being of your clients and staff is a priority. The chances of an accident or damage to the property of a customer or one of your employees might come from a trip or fall or the accidental spillage or misapplication of one of the chemicals you use in the beauty treatments you provide.

What all of this means is that salon insurance is likely to be an important consideration for any owner looking to maintain a secure and successful business.

Here at, we have the expertise and experience likely to prove invaluable in arranging salon insurance for salon owners.

Why choose us?

What is salon insurance likely to cover?

Salons come in all shapes and sizes of course, so the insurance for your own business may need to be quite different to someone else’s. That’s why it is likely to be important to choose an insurance provider able to tailor any insurance cover to meet the particular needs and circumstances of your own business.

That is our speciality here at

Protecting the contents, equipment and stock of your salon

Whatever type of salon you are running, you are likely to have made a substantial investment in the equipment you need, the furniture to make your customers feel at home and the stock of preparations and treatments your customers need.

The appropriate form of salon insurance may protect all of these items against loss, damage or theft, providing you with the financial wherewithal to repair or replace the stock or contents of your salon.

Your duty of care towards members of the public

From the moment you open up shop, as the salon’s owner you have a duty of care towards your customers, anyone accompanying them and to members of the general public. Just what does that “duty of care” mean?

It means that you have a responsibility for their safety and well-being and take all necessary precautions in what you do – and what you fail to do – in order to prevent injury or damage to their property.

If you are held to be negligent of this duty of care in some way, and a customer or member of the public is injured or has their property damaged, you may be sued by them and ordered to pay substantial compensation – the level of compensation, of course, being determined by the extent of any injuries or property damage.

In the worst of possible cases, the injuries may be severe or long-lasting and any property damage extensive. Therefore, public liability insurance typically provides a minimum of £1 million of cover.

Your duty of care towards your own staff and employees

If you employ anyone else to help run your salon, you also owe them a separate but very similar duty of care. You are responsible for providing them a safe place in which to work and may be held negligent in that duty if a member of your staff suffers an injury or contracts an illness or other medical condition as a result of their working for you.

You may be held responsible not only for the immediate consequences of any injury but also for illnesses or conditions which may come to light many years after they have left your employment.

In these circumstances the level of any claim may be even more substantial – again reaching into the millions of pounds. Therefore, the law currently requires that you hold at least £5 million public liability insurance to make sure that you are able to meet any claim from one of your present or past employees.

The law is strictly enforced and you may face fines of up to £2,500 a day if you are not holding the required amount of cover.

Although £5 million may be the legally imposed minimum, here at, we take things a step further and provide you even greater security by ensuring that any employers’ liability cover we arrange for you has £10 million of cover as standard. To find out more how we can protect your business, please get an online salon insurance quote, or contact us today.

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