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Hairdressing Insurance

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Insurance for hairdressers

Men’s, women’s or unisex, salon-based or mobile, there always seems a pretty steady business for your local hairdresser. Indeed, hairdressers may be among the few continuing to make a comfortable living during these difficult economic times.

Even when your hairdressing business seems to be ticking along quite nicely, however, it is never entirely safe. There is a range of risks, perils and threats which have the capacity for completely reversing any positive trend and driving the business to the wall – unless, that is, you have taken the precaution of arranging suitable and sufficient hairdressing insurance.

We provide a full range of range services for hairdressers. But in this particular instance, let’s concentrate on the reasons for you to look for insurance cover if you offer a mobile service, visiting people in their own homes, or if you rent a chair and its associated space in an established salon.

The long and short of it is that there are reasons aplenty for thinking about hairdressers’ insurance even if you are what might be called a “freelancing” hair stylist.

If that describes you and your business, you might want to compare mobile hairdressing insurance quotes from us here at Given our expertise and experience in arranging cover for freelancers just such as you, you may be certain of finding the insurance policy that will suit your own particular needs – and at competitively priced great value for money.

Why choose us?

What’s at the heart of hairdressing insurance?

Being a freelancer means just that. You are your own boss, you are employed by no one, and the insurance you arrange is entirely up to you.

Understanding your public liability

One of the major perils faced by your mobile hairdressing business is the risk of your causing physical injury to one of your clients or damaging their property. Hairdressers tend to use some fairly strong chemicals in the treatments they use and accidents may result in injuries.

Quite apart from those risks, a client of yours might also suffer an accidental injury whilst you are attending to them in their own home, an office or their own workplace or within your own home. Even passing members of the public may be affected in some way by an accidental spillage of the chemicals you use.

Accidents might also result in accidental damage to the property of one of your clients or to the salon in which you have rented a chair or your own room in which to work.

In any of these instances resulting in personal injury or loss or damage to property, you may be held liable – negligent in some way in the duty of care you owe to your customers, the owners of the property in which you are working or general members of the public.

If you are held responsible, you may be ordered to pay damages by way of compensation. These may assume very substantial proportions, especially if serious or long-lasting injuries are sustained. The sums involved may well spell the end of your hairdressing business and leave you with a massive personal debt to boot.

Therefore, public liability insurance – which provides indemnity against such claims – typically provides a minimum of £1 million of cover.

Do you want to safeguard your hairdressing kit and equipment too?

Under the umbrella of hairdressing insurance, you might also want to protect all the equipment, appliances and materials you use in your business.

Loss or damage to any of these items may prove expensive and you may want the security of knowing, therefore, that the funds are there – from your insurance policy – to repair or replace those items which are central to your business activities.

Staying on the right side of the law when you travel from one appointment to another

If you are a mobile, freelancing hairdresser, much of your day may be spent travelling from one location to another. Like many others, you may be using your own car to make those journeys.

Not only does the law require that you have a minimum level of – third party – insurance to cover your vehicle, but that insurance also needs to be valid for its use. In other words, you need to be quite sure that you have arranged business use cover for the car you are using.

You may also need to consider cover for any tools and products that you take with you.

At, we can help with cover for all your hairdressers insurance needs, for both salon based owners and freelancers. Please contact us today to see how we can help.

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