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Insurance for VW vans

With a huge range of vans and trucks ranging from the popular Caddy van, Transit-sized Transporter, or all-purpose Crafter range – which includes panel, chassis truck, dropside, tipper and Luton versions, VW is likely to provide a solution for practically any business needs – for tradesmen, tree surgeons and construction workers in particular.

VW commercial vehicles are widely considered to be somewhat more up-market versions of the tradesman’s workhorse. Your love affair with a VW van, therefore, is likely to be the source of appreciable pride and joy. Such pride and joy that you probably want to do all that you are able to protect it, look after it and ensure that it continues to give the many years of faithful service for which it was designed.

Probably your most dependable means of securing those safeguards is through Commercial VW van insurance.

Thanks to the care, experience and expertise developed here at constructaquote.com, we recognise that the cover you are looking for in your VW insurance is more than just any other type of van insurance. We understand these particular vehicles in just the same way that we understand the needs and requirements of any business that has invested in and relies upon such a vehicle for so many of its activities and operations.

The VW van insurance we aim to help you find cover that best suits your business and our dedicated, UK-based team is on hand to assit you with your VW van insurance needs.

Can I still choose the level of VW van insurance I want?

You have a legal obligation, of course, to ensure that any vehicle you are using has a minimum of third party insurance – and that goes for your VW van, too.

Having satisfied that requirement, the choice is yours. To offer a minimum level of protection for the vehicle itself, you might want to increase cover to third party, fire and theft, or go the whole hog and arrange fully comprehensive insurance.

For a vehicle that has almost certainly cost such a tidy sum to buy, and one on which your business is almost certain to depend, you probably want to give serious consideration to comprehensive insurance – especially since this higher level of protection might often prove no more expensive in terms of the premiums you pay than a lower level.

Whatever level of cover you choose, it is important to ensure that insurance is for a business or commercial use class – unless your VW van is used exclusively for private, domestic and recreational purposes.

What might I expect from comprehensive cover?

Comprehensive insurance is likely to offer the fullest range of options to make this the most inclusive form of cover. Elements which you might find in the typical policy include:

What are the benefits of goods in transit insurance?

One of the compelling attractions of any model of VW van is its capacity for a whole host of work-related activities. These might include your having to transport materials, supplies or other goods from one place to another. Goods in Transit insurance is designed to protect these whilst you are on the road and typically covers:

Given the potential cost to you and your business of any such theft, loss or damage to such items, you might want to give serious consideration to the inclusion of Goods in Transit insurance when arranging cover for your VW van.

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