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Construction insurance

Established in 1990, our customers have benefitted from our years of industry knowledge and experience.

Why choose

  • Tradesman liability insurance from £60* and contractors all risk insurance from £280**
  • We've been covering businesses with insurance since 1990
  • We can offer up to £10 million liability instead of the standard up to £5 million
  • Our contact centre is based in the UK in south Wales

*Based on a builder quoted on a tradesman liability product with a £1million limit of indemnity, no other employees...

**Based on multiple examples of builders quoted on a contractors all risks insurance product with hire charges of £5000 over 12 months...

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Insurance for construction workers

The construction industry, it would seem, remains one of the more dangerous environments in which to work. Clearly, this has serious implications both for you as the owner of any type of construction business and for the workers you might employ.

If you are responsible for the building site on which works are being undertaken, your crew, your clients, surveyors, inspectors, suppliers, other visitors to the site, neighbours, and even general members of the public may be at risk. Any one of these may suffer an injury or have their property damaged as a result of your construction works.

You may be held liable for any such injury or loss and ordered to pay a substantial sum in compensation as a result.

So that you may be protected against the financial impact of claims such as this, and to protect the tools, plant and equipment that you are likely to be using onsite, you might want to call us here at for a no obigation quote on construction insurance.

Why us?

What are the risks typically covered by construction insurance?

Every construction business is different, of course, so no one size insurance policy fits all. Amongst the wide range of risks which you might want to consider protecting, however, are the following.

Public liability insurance is likely to be at the heart of your cover

Public liability insurance tends to be a catch-all defence against claims arising from a whole range of different individuals who may suffer an injury or have their property damaged as a result of actions – or actions that have not been taken – on your construction site.

It is a catch-all line of defence, since claims may be made by practically anyone who is injured or has their property damaged.

Although you are under no obligation to arrange cover, claims from such sources may be substantial and a prudent course is in your having public liability insurance up to the typical minimum of £1 million.

Professional indemnity insurance may be necessary to preserve your standing and reputation within the construction industry

Your role within the construction industry may be based upon the professional skill, talents and qualifications which you bring to bear in any project.

If errors or mistakes on your part threaten to undermine your professional decisions and activity, you may be sued for professional negligence.

Professional indemnity insurance provides a further line of defence against such claims and may be required by some potential clients as a condition of your winning any contract for a construction project.

Employers’ liability insurance is not an optional extra

Since you are likely to be employing other people to work on your construction site, employers’ liability is not an optional extra, but a safeguard required by law.

If any one of your employees suffers an injury or contracts an illness or other medical condition as a result of their work for you, they may claim substantial damages. The law exists to ensure that sufficient employers’ liability insurance is in place to enable you to meet any claim to which they may be entitled.

The law currently requires that you hold a minimum of £5 million of cover – and you may be fined up to £2,500 for every day that it is not in place.

Tools, plant and equipment may be protected with contractors all risks insurance

This form of cover typically provides the protection you need for all manner of expensive tools, plant and equipment likely to be in use on your construction site.

Whether these items are owned by you or hired in for specific jobs, contractors all risks insurance may provide the cover you need.

Protecting your vehicles and goods in transit

It is a rare construction site that does not have a constant stream of vehicles coming to and fro, delivering plant, equipment and materials needed for the works in progress.

If the vehicles are owned by you, of course, it is your responsibility to ensure that suitable motor insurance is arranged for each vehicle – a minimum level of at least third party cover is required by law.

Whilst you are moving tools, plant and equipment from one site to another, however, you might also want to keep them protected against loss, damage and possible delays in delivering the items you need with an appropriate level of goods in transit insurance.

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