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Bricklayers' insurance

We understand that most brickies get paid by how many bricks they can lay. That's why we work hard so you can get a quote in minutes and instant cover.

Why choose

  • Insurance for bricklayers available from £55*
  • Established since 1990 in helping small businesses protect themselves
  • Our contact centre staff in south Wales are ready to help you with your insurance needs
  • Ability to add different policies that suits your business needs

*Based on a bricklayer quoted on a tradesman liability product with a £1million limit of indemnity, no other employees...

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Insurance for bricklayers

If you are a bricklayer, you are almost by definition going to be working on a building site. Accidents happen, some of which may may happen to you, to your employees and even to members of the public. Bricklayers' insurance is designed to protect you from the financial fallout from such incidents and, in so doing, divert potential threats to the very existence and viability of your business.

Not every bricklaying enterprise is the same, of course, so any insurance you arrange needs to meet the requirements of your particular operation. Getting that right is important of course, but might sometimes you need help in identifying the policies available so that you can choose the appropriate policies for your particular needs.

That is the specialist knowledge we have here at, helping to assure you that the cover we offer is the cover you need – at a very competitive rate.

Why us?

What protection is bricklayers’ insurance likely to offer?

Although you may choose the cover to suit your individual needs, here are some of the key areas likely to be protected by bricklayers’ insurance.

The statistics speak for themselves – the building site on which you are likely to be working is quite a dangerous place. And it is not only you who might be hurt. If your hod-carrier drops a stack of bricks or if one of your tools falls several floors, you might end up injuring a fellow worker on the site or even a passing member of the public.

If you are held responsible for such an accident – and have failed to take all reasonable steps to prevent it happening – you might be considered negligent and ordered to pay compensation to the injured party or the person whose property you have damaged.

Claims such as this might reach very substantial proportions and you may be hard pressed to find the amount you are ordered to pay from any funds held by your business, which will then face the risk of insolvency.

To prevent such a fate, public liability insurance is available to indemnify you against claims just such as these and typically provides cover for at least £1 million in claims.

Employers’ liability insurance – your duty of care towards those you hire

The dangers of working on a building site also surround those you might employ.

Any member of your crew might be injured on the job or suffer an illness or other medical condition as a result of their working for you. Some of these ailments might not come to light until the individual has long since left your employment.

As the individual’s employer, you may be held responsible for any injury they suffer or long-term illness they contract – however long ago it was that they last worked for you.

With these types of injury or illness, if you are liable, you may be ordered to pay a considerable sum in compensation.

To make sure that you are in a position to pay whatever compensation to which your employee or former employee may be entitled, the law requires that you hold employers’ liability insurance of a minimum of £5 million from the moment you take anyone onto your team. If you don’t have that cover, you may be fined up to £2,500 for every day that it is missing.

The law clearly takes seriously the duty of care you owe your employees – so do we and that’s why instead of sticking at the legal minimum of £5 million, we increase cover to £10 million as standard.

Protect your tools and equipment with contractors all risks insurance

One of the attractions of being a bricklayer may be the relatively low initial outlay in tools and equipment to get your work done. Over time, however, your accumulated tools, equipment and the materials you use might have increased considerably.

In order to protect these – and ensure that you have the finances to repair or replace them if necessary – you might want to consider contractors all risk insurance.

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