Green Cards for a 'No-Deal' Brexit

Make sure you're still covered to drive in Europe


At, we love to support our businesses in tough times. We need to let you know about changes that will happen to the rules for UK drivers who travel with their vehicle to the European Union in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

If the UK leaves the European Union without a withdrawal agreement in place, customers will be required to obtain a Green Card from their insurer to allow them to travel across the European Union with their vehicle, which may also include the Republic of Ireland.

Green Cards are an international certificate of insurance guaranteeing that the motorist has the minimum level of cover, usually third party cover, for driving in the country/countries they are travelling to within the European Union. Cover can also be extended to the same level provided by your UK Insurer. This Green Card is valid for UK vehicles taken abroad only and does not apply to vehicles hired in the European Union.

So in the event of a no-deal Brexit, if you are planning to take your vehicle to the European Union you will require a Green Card. From the moment the UK departs the European Union, the wording provided in your current Certificate of Insurance will become invalid.

Please contact us on 02920 808919 to request a Green Card at least 14 days ahead of travel.


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