Web Badge | Insured by constructquote.com

If you want to provide your customers with the confidence in believing in your business, you can add an “Insured by constructaquote.com” web badge onto your website. This lets your customers know you are covered in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

What we provide is a digital badge you can place on your website, you can do this by going through the design choices below that’ll best suit your website, once you get your design you can take the HTML code and place it on your website.

1. Select Your Policy Type

You can choose the type of policy (either Public liability or Professional indemnity) you have with us here at constructaquote.com

Public liability

Professional Indemnity

2. Choose your preferred colour

You have four options to choose from, two with coloured backgrounds and two with transparent backrounds. This allows you to customise the design to fit with the look of your website.



Coloured background

3. Copy the code

Below you’ll find the HTML code for your website. All you have to do is copy the code and place it in the area on your website that you’d prefer, or provide it to your web developer to implement onto your site.

There you have it!

You’re showing the world your business can be trusted, even if things went wrong. Being honest with your customers means giving them trust in your business.

At constructaquote.com we believe in Honest Business Insurance.

Terms and Conditions

The web badge is for exclusive use with constructaquote.com customers.

By adding the web badge code to your website, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of use as outlined.

If you end your policy with constructaquote.com or Moorhouse Group Ltd we reserve the right to request the removal of the badge from your website and any other subsequent places you have utilised the web badge. Keeping this badge on your website is not a formal agreement that you have a valid policy in place or you hold any insurance policy with constructaquote.com or any Moorhouse Group Ltd business or trading name. If a claim is made against you while you are uninsured, you will not be covered.

If a customer or client of your business contacts us about your policy we will never disclose any information about the policy you have with us.

We (constructaquote.com and Moorhouse Group Ltd) hold no responsibility for technical, stability, design, or usability problems that may affect your website with the addition of the web badge on your website.

This badge is not a replacement for your policy documents.