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Courier Goods in Transit Insurance

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Insurance for courier goods in transit

Does your business involve the transport of your customers’ goods and products from one place to another, or door to door? In other words, are you trading as a courier service? If so, you might want to take a closer look at the benefits of courier goods in transit insurance.

Whilst goods are being transported from one place to another, it is clearly important that they are protected against theft, loss and damage along the way – and, often, that the cargo is also insured against later delivery.

The question of goods in transit insurance is too often clouded, however, by questions about responsibility for the safekeeping of those goods and protection against their being lost, stolen or damaged. The lines of responsibility between the owner of the goods, and you as the courier may become blurred.

Courier goods in transit insurance dispels any such doubt and reassures you and your customers that you have played your part in ensuring the protection of the goods you are transporting on their behalf.

Why choose for your courier goods in transit insurance?

What is courier goods in transit insurance?

It protects the cargo of goods and products that you are carrying in your vehicle from theft, loss or damage when it is being transported from one place to another. This might be a simple question of transporting a single load from A to B or delivering them from your customer’s supply hub, onwards door to door.

Thieves often target couriers and delivery drivers as they know they are carrying what are likely to be valuable items. Therefore, protecting your cargo while it’s being delivered is vitally important to you and your customers – reassuring your retail clients as well as the end customer, by ensuring that your cargo is always properly protected.

Goods in transit insurance arranged by can include:

How much cover do I need?

As with any form of insurance, the cover you need depends on the business you are conducting, the nature and value of the insured items and the price you are prepared to pay in insurance premiums.

The insurance you choose needs to meet your own requirements for the safeguarding of goods you are carrying and, of course, for the reassurance of your customers that adequate insurance is in place. What level of cover might you need, for example, if items in your care during transit are damaged, stolen or lost? Is the contract with your customer likely to incorporate a clause imposing penalties for the late delivery of the consignment? What amount of excess might you expect to pay in the event of a claim?

These are all questions which might come into focus when thinking about goods in transit insurance, so you might consider it wise to consult the specialists in this type of cover. You want to avoid being underinsured, of course, but you may also want to avoid paying more than you might otherwise need by being over insured.

We can help

When taking out insurance always read the small print to make sure you are properly protected for all possible circumstances. Are there any exclusions on when you can drive? What excess will you have to pay if the goods are stolen? Such questions can be answered by’s goods in transit insurance experts.

You choose the insurance limit for courier goods in transit, but note that not all items are likely to be insurable. Items such as jewellery and fine art are excluded under some goods in transit clauses, so make sure your insurance is suitable for the cargo you carry and the work you do.

Additional cover such as legal expenses cover can be added to your policy, but again, that depends on your budget and business needs. It is your insurance policy, so these extras can be added or taken out of the final cover to match your needs and your budget.

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