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Courier Goods in Transit Insurance

To allow you to get on with your job, we give you peace of mind to know you have expert cover from industry experts.

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  • Specialist commercial van broker service and experience
  • Option to cover for hire and reward
  • Large panel of insurers with optional extras for you and your business
  • Dedicated customer support with a UK based contact centre
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What is courier goods in transit insurance?

Courier goods in transit insurance is a specific type of protection for sole traders or businesses that work in fields in which the transport of goods and products to customers is their main line of work. This insurance offers peace of mind when it comes to the significant incidents that can occur as part of a courier role.

From the loss of parcels to theft or damage, there are many ways in which a courier may become liable for the goods they deliver if things don’t go to plan. Having courier goods in transit insurance in place can ensure that, should you be responsible for an issue that occurs, you have the protection for your business to ensure you can keep on working.

At, our policies are designed to be specifically in-line with the requirements and risks faced by couriers when transporting goods, reassuring yourself and your customers when it comes to delivering even the most sensitive or high-value products. With insurance from us, you’re covered for incidents, big or small.

Who needs courier goods in transit insurance?

If your day-to-day work involves the transportation of goods to customers or suppliers, then you need courier goods in transit insurance. This insurance is designed specifically to cover the cargo you transport daily, and to ensure everything gets from A to B safely. If it doesn’t, under a courier goods in transit insurance plan you’re protected.

It’s no surprise that couriers are particular targets for thieves due to the high value of the cargo they could be carrying. Not to mention incidents in which packages or parcels may be destroyed, damaged or otherwise affected as a result of countless issues or problems.

Often, the responsibility for the safekeeping of goods is blurred when it comes to delivery, leading to issues further down the line when it comes to liability. By having the proper insurance in place, you can ensure you’re providing the appropriate protection needed to cover both your business and your client’s assets.

What does courier goods in transit insurance cover?

Whether you work as a sole trader or as part of a larger business, having the correct insurance in place can cover you for anything from personal effects to tax and property protection, as well as damage to your van and cover for court attendance. Great insurance not only provides peace of mind for you but your clients as well.

The goal of courier goods in transit insurance is to cover the value of the parcels or products that you deliver, to ensure that even if something does happen your business won’t be hit with substantial costs or fines that, in the most extreme instances, can also lead to bankruptcy if you’re proven liable. The cover your insurance provides depends on your exact needs as a business. offers couriers insurance that’s perfectly suited to their business, providing cover for stolen, lost or damaged goods as well as for penalties for late deliveries. Having insurance is vital to ensure you’re doing your due diligence, both for your peace of mind and for that of your customers too.


  1. UK based contact centre trained to help you with your insurance queries
  2. Since 1990, we've been helping businesses find the cover they need to stay protected
  3. Flexibility to adapt your policies throughout the year
  4. Your cover can include own plant & tools, hired in plant and contract works

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