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Information Technology Consultant Insurance

From dealing with sensitive data, to expensive hardware. Make sure your business is covered in the correct places.

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What is Information Technology (I.T) Consultant insurance?

When working as a consultant, no matter your field, your clients are depending on you to provide a service. We’re all human and we all make mistakes, but if your mistake comes at a financial loss or damages to your customer, you can be held liable and left with legal fees and compensation to pay.

I.T Consultant insurance provides you with different kinds of cover for when you need it most, from physically damaging equipment to third party injury, or failures in the specialist work you perform. This will allow you to continue your work, with the knowledge that your business is covered.

Public Liability insurance

When working on site, you’ll be utilizing different tools and moving around frequently. If a third party client or member of the public manages to trip over your tools or has an accident due to your work, you can be held liable. With Public Liability insurance you can cover legal compensation and bills or fees associated with the claim, at constructaquote we can offer you with a policy of up to £10 million.

Even if you win the case and you don’t have to pay compensation, you maybe still be liable for your own legal costs. Without this insurance, the money you’d have to pay would typically be funded from your own business


Professional Indemnity insurance

As a professional service, you can be held liable if the service or advice you give leaves a client unhappy or with a financial loss. They can potentially take you or your business to court for negligence.

If this happens to your business, and you don’t have Professional Indemnity insurance then you can find yourself in trouble both financially and professionally. Professional Indemnity can cover Negligence of Professional Duty, Misstatement, slander or defamation, copyright infringement, breach of confidentiality and employee dishonesty.

We can even offer a retroactive date policy which can provide cover for work that you carried out  before your policy with us started.


Cyber insurance

With the amount of cyber-attacks being performed increasing it’s important for businesses to protect themselves. With working with multiple computers, networks and sensitive data, it can be a key tool in protecting your business from large costs if a data breach, hack or cyber event occurs.

Cyber insurance can cover cyber liability claims, business loss, hardware and data corruption along with access to expert advice and support from legal, forensic, IT and media relations.


How do I get a quote for Information Technology (I.T) Consultant insurance

To find out how I.T Consultant insurance can support your business, and for a no-obligation quote, please contact us today.


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