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Acoustic Engineers Insurance

It can be a sound idea to get yourself insured, it can keep your business, your customers, and employees protected when worse comes to worse.

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What is acoustic engineers’ insurance?

Acoustic engineers’ insurance is specifically designed to protect acoustic engineers, acoustic consultants and acousticians against the potential issues and dangers faced during the working day. Acoustic engineers are experts in the science of how sound travels and are tasked with regulating, controlling and managing sounds that surround us in the home, workplace and public environment. It’s therefore not uncommon for acoustic engineers to spend a lot of time working alongside architects and construction firms.

As such, acoustic engineers face a unique set of challenges in their work, many of which need to be covered by insurance to protect both the livelihood of the engineer and the general public. While policies designed to cover architects and engineering consultants are often broadly the same as acoustic engineers’ insurance, the profession also requires more specific cover. Extensions to existing engineer policies could include cover for noise pollution, collateral warranties, lost documents and litigation costs. It is advisable to see a copy of the wording before agreeing to an acoustic engineers’ insurance policy.

Who needs acoustic engineers’ insurance?

Most acoustic engineers should strongly consider insurance. In some cases, it may even be a legal requirement. Certain certification schemes and trade bodies require members to carry insurance. For example, members of the Association of Noise Consultants are required to hold no less than £200,000 of professional indemnity insurance.

Acoustic engineers who specialise in environmental noise control and evaluation (such as those in the transport industry), industrial workplace noise (those in manufacturing and energy), or mechanical systems (those who work with air conditioning and ventilation) will likely require professional indemnity insurance by contractors or employers prior to setting foot on-site. Some companies will arrange the insurance on behalf of employees, although self-employed acoustic engineers are likely to have to sort out their own policy. It may be worthwhile discussing who is liable to provide any insurance prior to accepting a contract.

What does acoustic engineers’ insurance cover?

Acoustic engineers’ insurance should cover public liability.  This protects individuals against claims for compensation in the event of causing an incident which leaves a person injured, or damages to equipment/property belonging to someone else.

Acoustic engineers’ business equipment insurance can help to cover damages to your personal equipment, and (depending on your policy) could also cover theft. Acoustic engineers tend to use very job-specific equipment, some of which can be quite costly to replace. It is therefore advisable for acoustic engineers to consider taking out a business equipment policy. Acoustic engineers who employ staff are required by law to hold employers' liability insurance. This type of policy covers compensation for employees who become injured or ill during their duties at work. It is a legal requirement, even if you only employ staff on a temporary or casual basis.

When drawing up an acoustic engineers’ insurance policy, most insurers will rate the level of risk and look for certain criteria when assessing a company or individual. The size of the practice, the gross annual income of the practice, and the qualifications/experience held by the individuals involved in performing acoustic engineering will all inform the decision of the insurer.


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