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Estate agents professional indemnity insurance

As an estate agent, you and your employees will be dealing with contracts on a regular basis and therefore the exposure to such claims are quite high.

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Insurance for estate agents

While you always strive to deliver the best possible service and provide the best advice, there may be times when a client feels that you have failed to meet your duties. The result could be they may make a claim against you for financial compensation, the costs of which, without estate agent insurance, you will have to meet from your business (which could be financially ruinous).

Being the subject of a claim can also damage your reputation, potentially destroying all the hard work and effort you have put in to building up your business.

That is why estate agent professional indemnity insurance exists – to compensate you for financial damages which a client may claim as a result of negligence from a service that you have provided and for claims such as defamation, slander, libel, infringement of any intellectual property rights, and dishonest or fraudulent acts of an employee, as well as your legal defence costs.

At we pride ourselves on offering what we believe is a cost-effective and appropriate cover for your estate agency business. So, why not protect your business and your reputation and get a quote now for estate agents insurance?

Why buy estate agent insurance from us?

Why do you need estate agent professional indemnity insurance?

As an estate agent, a major part of your workload for you and your staff is taken up working on various contracts and documentation. Even with the best will in the world, sometimes something can go wrong that could see you exposed to a claim for negligence.

Professional indemnity insurance (often known as PI insurance or professional liability insurance) is designed to protect your business and your reputation against claims for compensation where it is believed that you or one of your employees has been negligent.

It doesn’t just cover documentation, estate agents PI insurance can cover you and your staff against a wide number of risks, including:

In the event of a claim against you, the policy typically may cover legal costs as well as any expenses incurred in your defence, plus costs that may be awarded to the client if it’s proven that you have provided a service or advice that could lose the client money.

Do estate agents have to have professional indemnity insurance?

There are some professions where PI insurance is obligatory (for example, accountants), but, in most cases, an estate agency is not one of them - unless you are a member of ARLA (The Association of Residential Letting Agents) or NAEA (The National Association of Estate Agents).

Legal obligation to have the cover or not, however, when you think about the risks you and your business are exposed to on a daily basis, if something did go wrong and you were sued, would your business be able to cope with:

At we are proud of our estate agents insurance, which offers cost-effective protection for your business and employees - cover that makes you feel confident your business interests are covered.

And if you own or rent your business premises’ and you have employees, then you typically are legally obliged to have Public Liability Insurance and Employers’ Liability Insurance – which is something we can also help with.

Here we explain a bit more about them …

What is public liability insurance?

Like estate agents’ PI insurance which protects you against third party claims, Public liability insurance protects you from the financial ramifications due to an accident happening to a visitor on your business premises (this could be something like a client slipping on a wet patch on the floor for example).

If an accident happens on your premises, you could be liable if the claimant believes their injury was caused as a result of your business operations.

What is employers’ liability insurance?

If you employ staff, you are obliged under the Law to insure them against any accidents or other risks within the business environment that could affect them and lead to a claim against you.

An employers’ liability policy covers you against claims arising from illness, disease or injury to your employees as a result of their employment with you – for example, if a member of staff fell over some electrical cables laying across the floor and was unable to work.

The policy is designed to help cover the costs of any legal fees and claims for compensation (up to pre-agreed limits) from your employee (or, in some cases, a former employee) that arise from an insured event.

What next?

To find out how we can help protect your business and staff, please get in touch today – call us on 08081 68 68 68. Or, complete our quick quotation form at the foot of the page to see how cost-effective our cover can be!

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