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Tree surgeons' insurance

We know you need the right cover at a fair price. That's why small businesses come to us to find a competitive quote.

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  • Tree surgeons' insurance available from £224*
  • Over 26,000 businesses have already entrusted us to arrange their insurance
  • Covering small businesses since 1990
  • Low policy excess for public liability starting from £100


*Based on a tree surgeon quoted on a tradesman liability product with a £1million limit of indemnity, no other employees...

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Insurance for tree surgeons

When working as a tree surgeon, you get to work outdoors with some amazing views, but also at incredible heights. As beautiful as this can be, it’s probably a good idea to consider the risks of this as well.

Your footing could be lost, a branch could snap, safety equipment could fail or a misjudged movement can cause a potentially serious injury to others and damage to property.  Considering the weight that tools and trees can have, thinking about the risk they can cause is a responsible move.

Knowing that an accident can cause havoc with your customer’s home, garden or property can be quite stressful as you can be held liable for them, potentially being fined a large amount in compensation.

All in all, this  kind of working environment  needs to  consider  tree surgeon insurance to protect yourself and your business from all manner of claims.

Why choose constructaquote for your tree surgeon insurance?

Whether you call yourself an arborist or tree surgeon, we have cover available

What can we cover? Well, it depends on the cover that you need. As needs differ from arborist business to business, if you tell us the things you want covered we will do our best to find you a policy that will offer the cover you are looking for.  

Here are a few examples of the types of cover you should consider.

Your public, professional and employers’ liabilities

Making your liability cover as easy as possible to obtain all in one place, we can cover public liability, professional indemnity and employers' liability insurance under one policy.

When working as a tree surgeon, public liability insurance has the potential to protect you financially for any damages or injuries to a third party and their property. With the potential of falling debris such as branches, trees, ladders and more, they can cause lasting damage or injury. With a public liability insurance policy, the cost of a claim can be covered if a customer, neighbour or member of the public finds you or your business responsible for damage or injury.

If you are then found liable for the injury or damage caused, without insurance you can find the compensation you are ordered to pay may be very steep indeed. That is one of the reasons why we offer public liability insurance that typically provides at least £1 million of cover.

When working as a tree surgeon, you have to provide the level of professionalism required in your field, from elements such as knowledge to skills that are common place for a tree surgeon. If you fail to meet these standards through an error or mistake you have made, which comes at a financial loss to a customer or client,  they potentially have grounds to make a legal claim and  sue you for negligence in your profession.

This can also result in a hefty fine.

The need for employers’ liability insurance

This form of liability is legally required in the UK for any business that employs anyone else in their business. You are legally required to obtain at least £5 million of employers' liability insurance, if you fail to do this, you can expect a large fine and legal repercussions from the law.

If you fail to provide this cover for your business, you can face a fine of £2,500 for every day that the insurance is missing.

Employers' liability insurance will help you to pay compensation if an employee is injured or becomes ill because of the work they do for you.  

At, not only do we offer a minimum of £5 million of cover, we can offer policies up to £10 million as standard, more than meeting the legal minimum and keeping your business safe.

Protecting other investments in your business

Your work as a tree surgeon is likely to involve your investment in a number of pieces of essential kit for your trade from items such as chain saws and other power tools, harnesses and ropes, for example.

With these tools being a very important part of your trade, if they become damaged, get stolen or lost they can be costly to replace. At, we can provide you with contractors all risks insurance. This provides a useful way of ensuring that your investment in this essential kit is safely protected.

To see how we can help you protect your business, please feel free to contact us today for a no obligation quote.


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