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DJ insurance

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What is DJ insurance?

DJ insurance is a form of cover that protects DJs and their equipment in the event of damage being sustained at a function or an event. Depending on the policy, DJ insurance could also protect third parties in the event of an injury where the DJ is at fault.

Performing as a DJ comes with a unique set of risks and challenges. For example, at some events, patrons could be consuming alcohol which adds to the risk of potential injury (by tripping over a cable, for example). While DJing, it’s not uncommon for lighting to be low, which can further increase the risk of equipment becoming damaged, or persons becoming injured. In the event of a patron becoming injured, you could face a costly claim for compensation, unless you’ve got the right policy in place to protect you.

Who needs DJ insurance?

Anybody who performs as a DJ or provides other similar entertainment services (such as karaoke, stand-up comedy or party services) should strongly consider having some form of DJ insurance policy in place. Whether you operate a mobile disco for hire at weekends or are a full-time DJ performing in clubs most nights of the week, it makes perfect sense to be covered against possible eventualities.

DJ equipment can be expensive. When you factor in the price of a mixing desk, lighting rig, amplifier, PA system and microphones, the costs can run into thousands. When you consider that most DJ sets take place in high-risk environments (low light, persistent movement of customers, consumption of drinks in close proximity to equipment), it becomes self-evident as to how important DJ insurance is in order to protect your livelihood.

What does DJ insurance cover?

DJ insurance policies can vary in cost and level of coverage. Most DJs opt for business insurance to cover their equipment. Insurers will generally cover replacement of equipment on a new-for-old basis. Mixers, computers, decks and audio equipment can all be covered on a single business insurance policy.

Depending on your policy, you might also want to cover your equipment for theft or damage (speakers and other equipment can be heavy and therefore easier to drop and damage, particularly if you are negotiating a stage setup). However, some policies won’t cover the misuse of equipment (turning the mixer up too loud and blowing a PA speaker, for example). It’s worthwhile to discuss what a prospective policy will and will not cover in detail prior to choosing an insurer.

Public liability insurance is another important type of policy for DJs. Public Liability Insurance can cover compensation claims made against you or your mobile DJ business for personal injury or damage to property (this could include the property owned by the proprietor of the club, hotel or function room you are performing at).


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