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DJ insurance

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Insurance for DJs

If you are a DJ, you’re in the business of making people happy, allowing them to celebrate and dance to the beats you bring to the dance floor.

You might be challenged by the need to set up and perform in a whole variety of different locations and venues, sometimes using the kit and equipment you already find there, but more often than not by taking along and setting up your own decks, players and sound systems.

You might be performing for youngsters wanting to let their hair down in more energetic and enthusiastic dancing or to those with quieter, smoother and more measured tastes. Either way, you are probably looking for a packed audience.

As the numbers in your audience increase, so too, unfortunately, does the risk of an accident happening. Whether it is packed or whether there are relatively few people on the dance floor or simply listening to your sounds, there is always the risk of someone tripping over a cable, colliding with a piece of your equipment or a sound system seriously malfunctioning.

These are the types of accident which may result in serious injury – or even death – to the unfortunate victims involved. As the DJ in charge of the event you may be held liable for any such accident. And if you are held liable, you may be ordered to pay a very substantial claim for compensation.

For anyone working this particular and very popular corner of the entertainment industry, therefore, DJ insurance might be considered a very prudent safeguard.

Why choose us?

How does DJ insurance cover work?

Although there is no legal requirement for you to hold DJ insurance whilst you carry out your work, you might find it practically impossible to secure a job at many events unless you have suitable and sufficient cover.

The reason is quite simple and straight forward. The organisers of any event, celebration, location or venue are likely to be concerned about protection for guests and, in particular, any guests who may be injured or have their property damaged during the course of the set you are providing.

If you hold DJ insurance, including the public liability insurance it typically features, you increase the standing and likely reputation of the services you are offering and may reassure anyone hiring you that you take the safety and well-being of your audience as a matter of importance. If the worst comes to the worst and an accident happens, you are able to demonstrate that your DJ insurance provides the wherewithal adequately to compensate any injured party.

The claims you may face in the event of being held responsible may be very substantial indeed – especially in the event of the accidental death of an audience member of course. It is usual for public liability insurance, therefore, to cover claims of at least £1 million and maybe considerably more, depending on the type and nature of the venue and the event concerned.

Many DJs work alone, effectively in business as a sole trader. But it is by no means uncommon for a DJ business to employ one or more others – as “roadies” to help set up and take down the equipment, for instance, or in a backroom capacity to help manage the business. Whatever kind of employee you have, however, if there is anyone on your payroll, you are required by law to have employers’ liability insurance.

This is required by law and is in place to ensure that any employee who is injured or suffers an illness or other medical condition because of working for you, is assured of receiving the compensation to which they are entitled.

The law currently requires that you have a minimum of £5 million employers’ liability insurance for this purpose.

Is there insurance cover for all my sound equipment?

The simple answer is yes. At, we are able to arrange DJ equipment insurance to protect the equipment you use in your capacity as a DJ.

That equipment is likely to represent a considerable investment on your part. Insurance cover is typically arranged on the basis of its valuation and the cost involved in its replacement in the event of a total loss. The valuation of the equipment being insured quite naturally determines the amount you need to pay in insurance premiums for that cover.

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