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Car valeting insurance

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Insurance for car valeters

Many people like to keep their car clean, bright and with all the appearance of it being brand spanking new.

That is likely to be a very good thing, of course, if you are running a car valeting business. The problem with practically any small business in the UK these days, however, is that the margin between income and expenditure is finely balanced, with profits tightly squeezed.

In order to boost your chances of a profit, therefore, you are probably looking to control the expense of actually operating your business – and one of those ongoing overhead expenses is likely to be car valeting insurance.

It is an essential safeguard, giving you financial protection in the event that a car or other property, belonging to one of your customers or a member of the public, is damaged during the course of your valeting operations. You only need think of the water, soaps, specialist equipment and cleaning chemicals likely to be used in your business, to realise the potential for accidents to happen, things to go wrong and the likelihood of you being held responsible – and therefore presented with the bill for putting things right.

Why choose us?

Explain how car valeting insurance is going to benefit my business

The benefits of any kind of insurance are perhaps best illustrated by considering what you stand to lose if you do not have the cover. The illustration works just as well for car valeting insurance and is made clearer by looking at some of the elements it typically covers.

Why is public liability insurance likely to be such a benefit?

However carefully you work, accidents may happen. A customer may slip in the soapy water surrounding their vehicle car, the vehicle might be damaged by the accidental spillage of strong undiluted cleaning chemicals, or scratches, dents and other impacts might be made. You are the valet. You are likely to be held responsible for any injury or damage caused.

And your liability does not end with your customer alone, but his or her friends, visitors or any passing member of the public. It is also possible that a neighbouring property is damaged during the course of your work. Once again you might be held liable.

Depending on the nature and extent of any injuries suffered or damage caused, you are likely to face substantial claims in damages from the affected parties if you are found to have been negligent in what is described in common law as your “duty of care”.

Since any such claim may be capable of sinking your entire business, public liability insurance might prove a real saving grace by meeting any claim in full.

Do I have to arrange employers’ liability too?

If you employ anyone else in your car valeting business – whether they are involved in the physical cleaning of vehicles or in some administrative or backroom capacity – the answer is almost certain to be yes.

With very few exceptions, the law requires that you have a minimum of £5 million insurance to meet any claim made by an employee who is injured or contracts an illness or other medical condition through their employment with you.

Your duty of care towards any employee is in addition to and quite separate from your more general public liability and the law takes a particularly dim view of employers who fail to arrange the cover – you may be fined up to £2,500 for every day, from the date of first taking on the employee, that you fail to have the necessary insurance.

Do I need any special motor insurance?

Many car valeting services are operated on a mobile basis, with the owner travelling from one customer site to another. The obvious choice of workhorse is likely to be a van of some kind.

Of course, you need motor insurance to drive the van – once again, it is a matter of law.

It is important to remember, though, that the cover needs to be arranged to meet the specific purposes and use of the van – in this case, clearly, the business use it serves in your car valeting business. Failure to arrange insurance for the appropriate use class may invalidate your insurance.

Given the likelihood of your using some kind of motor vehicle to get you from one job to another, the appropriate motor insurance is important and you might want to include it when arranging your general car valeting insurance.

Why not get in touch with us today at to see how we can help protect your business with one of our affordable policies? It costs nothing to get a quote but gives you the potential to make savings on the cost of your cover.

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