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Dog grooming insurance

Your customers expect a certain level of professional care when looking after their much loved pets, but mistakes happen and it can be quite costly if your customer or client submits a claim.

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What is dog grooming insurance?

Dog grooming insurance can be suitable for any type of animal grooming, with packages being structured to meet the requirements of the customers. This includes both mobile professionals who typically work on the go and those who operate dog grooming salons. Dog grooming insurance can offer professionals in the industry the peace of mind which comes with knowing that they are covered for a number of potential eventualities in the process of their day to day job. Cover can extend to equipment, legal costs which arise in a court case which is the result of a claim, and compensation awarded.

There are several types of cover which can be incorporated in dog grooming insurance packages, including public liability insurance and employers' liability insurance. The types and level of cover which are included in each package will depend on the requirements of the individual customer. We will go into more details on these varying types of dog grooming insurance further down on this page.

Who needs dog grooming insurance?

There are a variety of different modes of operation for dog groomers, and dog grooming insurance can offer cover to these different types of professionals. That goes from large scale salons and busy mobile professionals, to small domestic animal groomers. Dog grooming insurance can also be highly relevant for dog groomers who are still officially in training, but have begun working with customers, as well as those who are grooming dogs as a hobby, rather than for any financial remuneration.

In summary, dog grooming insurance is suited to dog grooming professionals, who wish to obtain comprehensive protection which covers a wide range of aspects concerning their business.

What does dog grooming insurance cover?

There are two main types of cover which are typically incorporated into dog grooming insurance cover. They are:

Public liability insurance, which is suitable for dog grooming professionals working in customers' homes and from a third party facility. This form of protection can cover you in the event that you accidentally damage the property of a customer, or cause an accidental injury to them. Public liability insurance can offer indemnity against these kind of claims, up to a large amount of money, including the costs of the claimant when needed.

Employers' liability insurance is the other main type of dog grooming insurance cover, and applies to dog groomers who employ other professionals in their business. This extends to individuals who may be doing work experience with your dog grooming business and actively providing a service to customers. Employers' liability insurance can provide protection in the case of scenarios such as an employee suffering an injury which you are held liable for. It can offer you cover for compensation which an employee may be entitled to after becoming injured or ill as a result of their work.


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