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  • Public Liability  –  Cover of up to £5 million
  • Employers liability – Up to £10 million
  • Office buildings cover – Available with your office policy
  • Employee dishonesty - Included as standard
  • Business interruption – Up to £25k included
  • Computer breakdown  – Up to £25k automatically included with your policy
  • Personal accident - Included for all employees
  • Generous no claims discount
  • Product liability available

Office Insurance

For most small businesses, the office is a busy environment and can involve a set of risks quite different to those you might encounter at home. With a ConstructaQuote office insurance quote, you can tailor an office insurance policy to suit your exact business needs. Ensure you only pay for what you need to protect your business, find a smart office insurance quote here.

What's Included in an Office Insurance Quote?

There are many elements which can be included in your insurance quote. Below are just some of the cover types you can include with your policy:

Building cover

Most offices contain a lot of expensive equipment like computers, printers and photocopiers. As all of these tend to be placed in the same area of a building, the consequences of a burglary or accident could be devastating to your business.

If you own or are responsible for buying office insurance, this optional add-on will cover you should your building be the victim of theft or become damaged as a result of fire, flood or other such risks.

Public liability cover

Public liability cover is a very good idea for businesses that come into contact with clients or members of the public, both in and out the office. Public liability cover will provide protection in the event of someone making a claim against your business due to injury or damage to property.

Employers' liability cover

An office tends to have large numbers of people working in a relatively small space. As such, the office can be prone to personal accidents which, if pursued in court, could amount to large compensation claims against your business. Employers' liability insurance could prove essential in removing this risk.

You are legally obliged to obtain employers' liability cover if you have any employees working for you. Regardless of size or turnover, it is required that £5 million of employers' liability insurance is in place.

Office Insurance from ConstructaQuote

For a cheap insurance quote which ticks all of the right boxes (and none of those unnecessary ones) please fill out the quote enquiry form above and a member of our team will be in touch shortly with the quote you are looking for.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for further information about our office specific policies.

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