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Painter & Decorator Insurance

We understand that you want quality cover at a good price. That's why 63% of our painter and decorators paid less than £99* for their insurance.

Trust is a huge factor for you, so here goes:

  • 63% of our painter and decorator clients paid less than £99 for their liability insurance*
  • We arrange and service 33,000 policies each year
  • Online access to your insurance information 24/7

*This is based on all painter and decorator public liability policies purchased between May 2015 and Augus...

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Brilliant service from my experience yes I would recommend to all. I had van insurance as well very competitive prices and to finish fantastic communicating, and understanding with the agents of

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Insurance for painters and dercorators

You might not think that mere paint is capable of doing a great deal of damage. You might need to think again, however, if that full tin of brilliant white gloss is accidentally knocked from its hook and spills its contents down the brickwork on the front of the house you are decorating.

A mishap with paint might be the least of your worries. As a painter and decorator, you are in and out of other people’s homes and commercial property all of the time. Working from ladders, trestles and gantries poses risks of injury to you, your employees, your customers and even members of the public.

If you are held responsible for any kind of accident which leaves someone injured or damages their property, you may be held liable and ordered to pay such a large amount in compensation that your painting and decorating business is likely to go to the wall. You may even be sued if the standard of your work fails to meet those of your trade in general and your customer meets with a financial loss as a result.

These are all risks and perils which painter and decorator insurance seeks to address by providing you the financial protection and wherewithal to make good mistakes, errors and accidents for which you might be held responsible.

The particular risks and perils faced by any business such as yours of course depend on the nature and scale of your operations, the locations in which you are working and the customers likely to employ you. Tailoring the decorator insurance that is suitable for your particular business, therefore, may be a job best tackled by an expert and experienced specialist insurance broker such as us here at

Why us?

What are the principal forms of liability insurance?

Painter and decorator insurance might include cover for the following liabilities you and your business may face:

Professional liability

Public liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance

The additional protection of contractors’ all risks insurance

The tools and materials on which you rely to get your job done are likely to represent a significant outlay on your part. Contractors’ all risks insurance provides a way of protecting these tools, plant, equipment and materials against theft, loss or damage.

We also provide motor and van insurance

At we can also provide cost-effective, comprehensive cover for your van. With all your bases covered, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your livelihood is completely protected.

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