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Dance Teachers Insurance

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Insurance for dance teachers

As a dance teacher, you have a duty of care towards those in your charge. They might be range in age from the youngest toddler to those more advanced in years. You might be teaching ballet, ballroom dancing or more energetic forms of street dance.

Whatever the style, whatever the vibe, however, you take on specific liabilities the moment you set up in business as a dance instructor.

In many of its forms, of course, dancing might be considered to be one of the gentler arts. But that does not rule out the risk of injury. The over-enthusiastic toddler, for instance, the teenager letting down his or her hair, or the elderly gent determined to master a seductive tango – all might end up injuring themselves in some way. And as their teacher, you may be held liable.

That liability may be held against you whether you are running your dance lessons from your own premises or on someone else’s property. There remains a risk of injury or property damage which could result in a claim against you.

And if you are indeed held liable, you may be ordered to pay substantial sums in damages, by way of compensation to the injured party or parties.

Dance teachers’ insurance is designed to protect you and your business against just this type of claim.

Why choose us?

What makes insurance for dance teachers so important?

Mention has been made about your liability as a dance teacher and the implications of this bears closer examination.

How much do I stand to lose because of that liability?

If one of your pupils suffers an injury – even one that surfaces sometime after the immediate event – you may be held liable. It might be argued that you have breached your duty of care as the dance teacher and, as a result, ordered to pay compensation.

The amount of compensation you have to pay depends of course on the extent of the injuries sustained. In the event of a serious or long-term injury or other medical condition, however, the damages may be very substantial indeed. There is no legal requirement for you to insure against such risks, but the costs may be enough to put you out of business.

Cover against this risk – in the form of your public liability insurance – therefore typically provides an indemnity against claims of at least £1 million, or even more, depending on the type of studio you are running, the number of pupils you have and the types of dance you are teaching.

The need for employers’ liability insurance cover

Quite separately, and in addition to your public liability insurance, there is your responsibility to anyone you employ to help run your business – whether as a teacher or in some administrative capacity.

In this case, there is a legal requirement for you to hold insurance cover against the risk of any employee suffering an injury or having their property damaged during the course of their work for you. An indication of the seriousness and size of such potential claims may be shown by the fact that the law requires you to have at least £5 million of cover.

A further illustration of the importance of arranging such cover from the very moment you take on any employee may be given by your liability for penalties of up to £2,500 for every day that you do not have such cover in place.

Further elements to dance studio insurance

What is your dance studio and the talents you bring as a dance teacher if not for the music to which your pupils dance?

Whether it is the trusty piano, electronic music players or any manner of sophisticated equipment used to produce the required sounds and rhythms, you may have invested a substantial sum in this essential equipment.

Therefore, you might want to ensure that any musical instruments or equipment is adequately insured. That cover might give you the financial wherewithal to repair or replace any items which are stolen, lost or damaged. When it comes to the type of cover available, you are likely to have the option of insuring these items on the basis of their current value, reflecting their wear and tear or inevitable depreciation over time, or more comprehensive insurance providing replacement on a new for old basis.

Dance teachers’ insurance, therefore, might provide the elements of essential cover needed to protect your endeavours and keep you in business even when the unexpected occurs.

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