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Dash cams can cut the cost of insurance premiums, and protect you against fraudulent claims

Increasingly, motorists are using footage to prove that they weren’t at fault during accidents. Because of the proliferation of so called ‘crash for cash’ and split liability claims – those where blame cannot be placed on one party – insurance firms are now accepting footage from dash cams. It means that motorists are more protected than ever before – saving money in the process.

There are now roughly three million dash cams in vehicles up and down the UK, with fleets and business drivers being the trailblazers. To find out more about how they work, read our blog

Here at, we’re all for making insurance cheaper, while helping to make driving a better experience for our customers. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Nextbase, the UK’s biggest and most popular dash cam manufacturer.

By doing so, we’re able to give everyone who owns and uses a Nextbase dash cam a massive 15% off their premium. Not only saving potentially hundreds of pounds across a small fleet, but thousands of pounds if just one vehicle is involved in an incident that wasn’t their fault.

So, there are two options from this point. Either visit our insurance page where you can apply for insurance with the 15% dash cam discount, or purchase one of the current Nextbase dash cams on the market.


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