QBE Insurance in Partnership with constructaquote

constructaquote are proud to offer QBE Insurance and Brit insurance products, including Brit shop insurance to our customers, helping everyone find the perfect insurance policy for their unique needs.

QBE insurance is the company behind Brit insurance. They are a leading UK-based commercial insurance provider, well established in the UK and now venturing into international territories to offer the same service and expertise to a larger market. Now that it's licensed to write insurance policies in Europe, the company is getting bigger, better and more diverse every day – great news for its service users.

Offering over 80 products, Brit has written over £1.2 billion premium and has received excellent ratings from Fitch Ratings and AM Best. You can find out more about Brit Insurance and the QBE Insurance connection by reading their fact sheet which you can find here.

Carefully Constructed Insurance for You

constructaquote.com is pleased to work closely in partnership with Brit Insurance to offer insurance products to suit the needs of our clients, and at highly competitive prices too.

We work with a very wide range of industry leading insurers here at constructaquote. We believe that a broad selection offers our customers the best choice and gives us the flexibility to identify policies which meet customers’ needs perfectly.

We believe in insurance which provides the essential cover you need and none of the additional, unnecessary extras which can make your insurance less cost effective.