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Insurance for private van

It takes a great deal of hard work and effort to build up a small business – whether you are operating as a one-man band or employ others to help run your enterprise.

Thankfully, though, it is not all hard work and no play. There are times when the assets normally put to work in the interests of your business may be used for your own recreational relaxation and enjoyment too.

Take the case of the van that normally gets you and your team from one job of work to the next or is used to carry all the tools, equipment, supplies and materials you need during the course of a working day.

Come high days and holidays, that same van may be pressed into service for your own holidays, trips or travels – all that it takes is a simple addition to the usual business use of your private van insurance to cover private use too.

Rest assured that our specialist van team here at constructaquote.com has your interests in relaxation at heart too, and are ready and waiting to ensure that your van remains fully covered when you use it for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.

Why choose constructaquote.com?

Why private van insurance?

Whilst your van may be insured for normal business use, private van insurance adds the cover necessary for you to use that commercial vehicle for some of the things you might prefer to be doing when you take time off in and around the UK from your busy working day – recreational and relaxation such as camping, fishing, or even just grocery shopping!

Motor vehicle insurance for your business and cover for the private use of your van, pick-up truck or any other vehicle, follow a number of the same rules – the most central of which are those relating to the level of insurance cover you choose:

Third party only

Third party, fire and theft

Comprehensive insurance

Additional considerations

When extending insurance cover for the private use of your commercial vehicle, you might also want to review the amount of excess you may have to pay in the event of a claim. This is effectively an uninsured risk, for which you remain financially responsible.

It is especially relevant, since you might want to take advantage of the reduction in premiums made by insurers in return for your agreeing to an increased excess. Beware, however, that this is going to increase – possibly quite significantly – the amount of your contribution in the event of any claim.

Whilst you may have Goods in Transit insurance during the vehicle’s business use, when you are using it in a private capacity, you might want to check that you have sufficient cover for personal possessions in the vehicle at any time.

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