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Platinum accident management service

Our Platinum accident management service is here to provide you with a high-quality service when your business needs it.

Why choose

  • Our Platinum legal cover comes with plenty of helpful benefits to utilise. 
  • You have online access to your insurance details for portability.
  • Our service and call centre is entirely UK-based in south Wales.
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Platinum accident management service

You have been careful to abide by all the relevant rules when running your own small or medium-sized business. This includes arranging the insurance you need in order to keep the vehicles on which your business relies on the road and street legal.

How annoying it is likely to be, therefore, when some accident occurs which is entirely someone else’s fault and you have a lengthy and protracted struggle to prove the other person’s liability for the damage caused.

Although your own insurance policy may still pay for the repairs or replacement needed, unless you are able to prove that it was a no-fault incident on your part (in other words, that the other party was to blame), you may still be required to pay any excess and also stand to lose your no claims bonus.

On top of all the time, effort – and money – spent on any legal proceedings to prove the other party’s fault, in the meantime, your business may be suffering because the vehicle on which you rely is temporarily off the road.

Even when a road traffic accident is not your fault, therefore, it may prove a very costly incident for you and your business.

The Platinum accident management service offered by us here at aims to indemnify you against these costs and ensure that your vehicle is back on the road, doing its intended job again, as quickly as possible.

Why choose

The aim of our Platinum accident management service

The aim of the Platinum scheme may be summed up in a straight forward and very simple way: if the van, truck or lorry used by your business is involved in an accident that was not yours or your driver’s fault, the service aims to get you back on the road again as quickly as possible, with the vehicle doing the job for which it was intended and without leaving you with the hefty bill of repairs which have been made necessary through another person’s fault.

Liability and non-fault accidents

Determining liability in an accident is, in the vast majority of cases, resolved through discussion between the respective parties’ insurers.

From time to time, however, the dispute over liability cannot be resolved in this way and solicitors need to be instructed, first to establish who was responsible for the loss or damage caused and the amount to be repaid by the responsible party.

These discussions between solicitors may become very protracted, especially if injuries sustained in the accident are involved, or if the dispute needs to go to court for a final decision.

Solicitor’s fees and legal advice in general, of course, does not come cheap.

Our Platinum service is designed to give full peace of mind in finding the appropriately qualified and experienced, and in meeting the costs of the legal fees and expenses in any such dispute that is taken up on your behalf.

What else besides legal costs are covered by the Platinum accident management service?

It is not just the cost of any legal tussle, but the sheer length of time it might take to resolve any disputed liability. Even when the other party accepts liability reasonably quickly, there is still a delay whilst you seek authorisation for repairs to your damaged vehicle and whilst it is undergoing those repairs. During this time, your vehicle is off the road and with its wheels stopped from turning, potentially losing your business a considerable amount of money.

The Platinum accident management service addresses those very real concerns in two main ways:

Replacement vehicle

Whilst you are waiting for your vehicle to be repaired, we will make every effort to secure a replacement vehicle of at least the same size and specification, so that you may press on with your business operations as normal.

We have access to a network of more thousands of commercial vehicles across the UK, so the chances of finding one that meets your particular needs and requirements is high indeed.

More than that, we are able to deliver your replacement vehicle to your home or business address, or if you prefer, you may pick it up from one of more than 300 depots nationwide.

Vehicle repairs

Thanks to the accident management service, you do not have to pay any excess on the authorised repairs to your vehicle.

This ensures that you are not left with the worry of racking up further unnecessary costs and avoid the time, hassle and potential expense of raising the amount of excess before the vehicle is released by the repairing garage.

To find out more about our service, please get in touch today – we will be very happy to help.

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