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Groundworkers' insurance

We know insurance can be the safety net of any business. That's why we've worked hard since 1990 to provide thousands of businesses with cover.

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  • Our contact centre is based in south Wales and our friendly staff are ready to assist you with your insurance needs
  • Insurance available for groundworkers from £161
  • Helping tradesmen insure their businesses since 1990
  • The ability to combine different types of insurance under one quote

*Based on a groundworker quoted on a tradesman liability product with a £1million limit of indemnity, no other employees...

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Insurance for groundworkers

Groundwork might involve particular risks and dangers of injury or damage. It may involve the use of heavy machinery and the attendant risk of a momentary loss of control. And even the back-breaking work of digging foundations by hand runs the risk of personal injury or a long-term medical condition for you or a member of your team.

The groundwork you are excavating or digging needs to be safe and to the specifications laid out in the plans to which you are working. But things may go wrong, accidents may happen and mistakes might be made in the way you have interpreted the plans.

Those accidents, mistakes and errors may result in someone – whether that be one of your employees, your client or a member of the public – suffering an injury, having their property damaged or sustaining some other financial loss. If that happens, you may be held liable and, so, have to pay a substantial sum in compensation.

Here at, we are able to help you assess the risks faced by your business and, on the strength of that assessment, and after you have chosen the policy that best suits your needs we can arrange the ground workers insurance for you.

Why use for your groundworkers' insurance?

How may groundworkers’ insurance help protect my business?

There are many ways in which this kind of insurance may help to protect your business, but let’s single out just a few of the more important of them.

A public liability claim might ruin your whole business

From the moment you set up in business as a groundworker, you also took on a duty of care towards anyone who might come into contact with your work and its related activities. This duty of care extends towards your customers, visitors to the works you are carrying out, suppliers and members of the public at large.

What does that duty of care mean? It is a well-established legal principle that you must take every reasonable care in your actions to avoid the risk of injury or property damage to anyone else.

It is an equally well-established principle that if you fail to take those precautions – in other words, you breach your duty of care – you may be held negligent and ordered to pay a substantial sum in compensation to the injured party.

To give just one example, a passer-by might hurt themselves following a tumble into a poorly marked excavation you have created. If there were insufficient warnings about the dangers posed by your works, you may be held liable and ordered to pay damages.

These types of claim – especially where personal injuries are concerned – may reach substantial proportions and it is usual, therefore, for public liability insurance to provide cover of at least £1 million.

Responsibilities towards your own staff – employers' liability insurance

There is no legal requirement for you to arrange public liability insurance, but if you are hiring other people there is certainly a legal requirement for you to have employers’ liability insurance. Indeed, you may be fined up to £2,500 for every day that there is no such cover in place.

The law imposes this condition so that you are financially capable of meeting any claim from an employee – past or present – who is injured or who suffers an illness or other medical condition through the work they were doing for you.

Once again, if you are held responsible for such injuries, the compensation awarded may be very substantial and, so, the law currently requires that you hold at least £5 million of cover. If you arrange your employers’ liability insurance through, we allow an even bigger margin by providing cover for up to £10 million as a standard component of this insurance.

Don’t forget you contractors all risks insurance

This is an especially useful form of protection not just for loss or damage of the tools you are using, but a whole range of plant equipment, drawings and other assets associated with your works.

It covers theft, loss or damage to your tools, machinery and plant and also makes provision for the cost of hiring replacement tools and equipment so that you may continue working normally, until repairs are made or replacements purchased.

Street legal wheels

It is a rare groundworking gang indeed that does not need to use transport for getting people, supplies and materials to and from different sites and projects.

If you run a van, truck or lorry for any such purpose, it needs to be covered by a minimum of third party insurance in order to stay street legal.

Protect your business with our range of insurance products.

At it our business to protect your business – so why not get in touch today to see how we can give your livelihood the protection it needs, with our range of cost-effective business insurance products.

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