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Cleaners' insurance

At constructaquote, we want to help your business stay protected both from risks associated with your industry

Why us?

  • Cleaners insurance available from £60*
  • We've been helping small businesses find insurance since 1990
  • In addition to our online presence, we operate entirely through UK-based call contact centres
  • We've insured hundreds of different trades including cleaners

*Based on a cleaner quoted on a tradesman liability product with a £1million limit of indemnity, no other employees...

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Insurance for cleaners

You own and run a cleaning business. That comes with the potential for enjoying all the fruits of your labours with a healthy profit at the end of the day.

The dark cloud on the horizon might be the risks which you face simply by going about your business and facing claims that you have in some way contributed to someone’s injury or damage to property.

That possibility might be more immediate than you think. You are invariably busy, the combination of water, polishes and any number of cleaning chemicals run the risk of injuries to people or damage to their property.

Your vulnerability to those risks might immediately raise the question of cleaners’ insurance – but what is this likely to entail, what benefits might it bring to your business and where are you able to buy the protection you need with any degree of confidence?

The answer to all of those questions – and more – might be found here at where we help to support businesses like yours. They, too, may be facing precisely the same risk encountered by your own cleaning business.

We are able to arrange every type of cleaning company insurance – including insurance for contract cleaners – as well as cover for your vehicles at a price specifically intended to represent great value for money.

Why choose us?

So why do I need cleaners’ insurance for my business?

The business you have built is likely to have taken a lot of hard work. The fact that all of that effort might be undone in an instant is reason enough to put cleaners’ insurance near the top of your list of priorities.

The threat to your business may come in a number of guises, the principal ones of which may be addressed by the following elements of cleaners’ insurance.

How does public liability insurance protect my cleaning business?

Because you are a cleaner you need access to all kinds of property, whether residential or commercial. To do your job, you are likely to take with you an assortment of cleaning materials and fluids.

Of course you use these carefully and with due caution, but there always remains the risk of an accident or mistake which results in damage to the property with which you are involved, or still worse, an injury to the property owner, a visitor of theirs or even a member of the public in general.

If any one of these individuals is able to show that their injury or loss was a result of your negligence in the way you fulfilled a cleaning contract you may be held liable and ordered to pay a substantial sum in damages by way of compensation.

Since the level of any such claim may pose a threat to the very existence of your business, public liability insurance typically provides cover for a minimum of £1 million.

What level of employers’ liability insurance do I need?

When it comes to your defence against any claims that might be raised by your employees, you really have no choice – the law requires that you maintain employers’ liability insurance of at least £5 million.

This is designed to ensure that any employee who suffers an injury at work or contracts an illness or other medical condition as a result of their employment may be guaranteed the compensation to which they are entitled.

£5 million might be the minimum, but here at we go that extra mile by ensuring that the standard limit in the cleaners’ insurance we arrange is for £10 million of employers’ liability cover.

Can I include motor insurance in the cover for my cleaning business?

Practically any kind of cleaning business relies upon a van or other motor vehicle to get from one contract cleaning job to another.

As with any other vehicle kept on the road, the law requires a minimum level of third party insurance – although the vehicle on which you are likely to depend may need the protection of at least third party, fire and theft cover and more probably comprehensive cover.

Whatever level of cover might be appropriate for the vehicle or vehicles operated as part and parcel of your cleaning business, this might be included as an integral part of your cleaners’ insurance package.

In the policies we arrange here at, we also recognise the importance of keeping the wheels turning in this critical aspect of your business by ensuring that policies also make provision for a replacement vehicle in the event of your vehicle being off the road following an insured event as well as cover for tools.

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