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Cleaners' insurance

At constructaquote, we want to help your business stay protected both from risks associated with your industry

Why us?

  • We've been helping small businesses find insurance since 1990
  • In addition to our online presence, we operate entirely through UK-based call contact centres
  • We've insured hundreds of different trades including cleaners
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Do I need cleaner's insurance?

As a cleaner, you often work with big risks that can come with hefty claims. Adding cleaners insurance can help protect your business and keep your business safe. We all know accidents happen and facing claims that you are liable for can cause big issues for your business.

Cleaner's insurance can include public liability which is an important cover to have in place in case of third party injury or property damage. With the amount of chemicals your business can work with, there is potential for a claim to be made if something were to go wrong.

Though it isn’t a legal requirement, the business you have built is likely to have taken a lot of hard work. The fact that all your effort might be undone in an instant can be reason enough to put cleaner's insurance at the top of your list of priorities.

We are able to arrange a wide amount of cover with your cleaner’s insurance policy - including insurance for contract cleaners – as well as a choice of optional covers for your vehicles, employees, and more.

What cleaner's insurance do I need?

This can depend on the type of work you do, we have a wide range of cover available based on your business needs. We always try and go above and beyond to help you get the cover you deserve, that’s why we can include the following for you: 

  • Financial loss of a third party with a £250,000 limit of indemnity
  • Loss of keys including reasonable cost of replacement, consequential loss and reasonable cost of additional temporary protection
  • Failure to secure customer's premises
  • Misuse of customer phones with a £50,000 limit of indemnity
  • Fidelity guarantee
  • Treatment risk
  • Temporary removal of goods
  • Choose your public liability cover from £1 million up to £10 million

Do I need public liability insurance to protect my cleaning business?

If you’re working as a cleaner, having public liability can help protect the third party property you have access to. You could be working on various kinds of property, whether residential or commercial. To do your job, you are likely to take with you an assortment of cleaning materials and fluids.

Of course you use these carefully and with due caution, but there is always the risk of an accident or mistake which could result in damage to the property with which you are involved, or worse still, an injury to the property owner, a visitor of theirs or even a member of the public in general.

If any one of these individuals is able to show their injury or loss was a result of your negligence in the way you fulfilled a cleaning contract you may be held liable and ordered to pay a substantial sum in damages by way of compensation.


  1. Since 1990, we've been helping businesses find the cover they need to stay protected
  2. UK based contact centre trained to help you with your insurance queries
  3. Ability to obtain a policy with cover up to £10 million
  4. Flexibility to adapt your policies throughout the year

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Public liability is a legal culpability to pay damages upon bodily injury, illness or disease sustained by any other person...

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Fidelity guarantee insurance is an insurance policy that will indemnify the insured for the loss of money or property sustained as a direct result of acts of theft or fraud by an employee in the course of their work.
Treatment risk is where insurance companies compensate the policyholder against their legal liability to pay damages (including claimant costs, fees and expenses) arising from the incorrect application of cleaning products to floors or soft furnishings including carpets, curtain's and upholstery.
Temporary removal of goods means that items that have been removed from where they are stored or housed are covered if damaged or lost while in transit.

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