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Carpenters' insurance

We work hard to carve out the right insurance cover for you to choose for your business.

Why choose

  • Carpenters' insurance available from £57
  • We've been arranging insurance for thousands of businesses since 1990
  • Our contact centre in south Wales is here to assist you in your insurance needs
  • Ability to choose £10 million in public liability cover instead of standard £5 million

*Based on a carpenter quoted on a tradesman liability product with a £1million limit of indemnity, no other employees...

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Insurance for joiners and carpenters

Do you work as a chippy? You might be in business as a sole trader or you might have a whole team of carpenters and joiners working for you. It is a skilled trade and one in which you undoubtedly take great pride.

All the skills, talent and professionalism that you bring to your work may be undone in an instant through some accident or error which leaves your customer at a financial loss – or still worse, with an injury.

Yet this may be a risk that you run more easily than you might imagine. The carpentry you perform may result in accidental injury to someone or damage to their property. As the person who did the work, you may be held liable. And if you are liable, you may be ordered to pay a substantial amount in compensation to the injured party.

If you are employing other people in your joiner business, the risks escalate still further, when you may be held liable for accidents or illnesses that may happen to those working for you. Those liabilities are in addition to the costs you may face if your tools, equipment or materials you need for any particular project are lost stolen or damaged in some way.

All in all, there are risks which your business may face and against which you might look for the protection of carpenters’ insurance. Here at we explain just how that might work.

Why choose us?

What makes carpenters' insurance so worthwhile?

Woodworking trades might not seem to be at the high risk end of building or construction.

Yet the potential for something going wrong and for an accident to happen or some error or mistake to be made is real enough. And those accidents, mistakes or errors may result in you, your customer, an employee or even a member of the public suffering a financial loss – or still worse, a personal injury.

Public liability insurance may be the key

Public liability insurance is not obligatory if you want to ply your trade as a carpenter or joiner – but it might make a great deal of sense to have that protection.

The reason is relatively easy to explain. Try as you might to complete any job as skilfully and competently as you may, there remains the risk that your customer, a neighbour, a visitor to the property or even a member of the public, ends up suffering some manner of financial loss or sustaining an injury as a direct result of the work you have done.

As the tradesman responsible for that work, you may be held liable for the loss or personal injury sustained. If you are liable, you may be ordered to pay compensation to the injured party or parties. That compensation may be substantial – given that it may be in the thousands or hundreds of thousands of pounds, it may be considerably more than your small business is able to bear.

In order to avert any such disaster, public liability insurance is there to cover you – and typically to the tune of up to £1 million.

If you are employing anyone, employers’ liability insurance is the only key

If you employ anyone else to help in your carpentry or joinery business, you have no choice but to arrange adequate employers’ liability insurance – no choice, because it is required by law. It is not only required, but you may face a fine of up to £2,500 every day that the legally required cover is missing.

The law insists that you have a minimum of £5 million of cover to indemnify you against claims from employees who may have been injured or who contract an illness or other medical condition as a result of working for you.

Although the legal minimum cover is £5 million, any employers’ liability insurance you arrange through us at carries £10 million of cover as standard.

Take care of your tools, equipment and other essentials with contractors all risks insurance

There are tools, equipment and other essentials without which you are not going to be able to perform your job as a carpenter. Many of them are likely to be expensive to replace in the event of loss or theft. Contractors all risks insurance is able to protect you against such losses by providing the financial wherewithal to replace items which are lost or damaged.

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