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Bed & Breakfast Insurance

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Insurance for bed and breakfasts

It might not be open house exactly, but your bed and breakfast business is certain to see its fair share of guests coming and going throughout the year, suppliers making their rounds, members of the public making passing enquiries and perhaps even an employee or two turning up for work.

Your business depends on such a hive of activity – but with it comes a number of responsibilities and liabilities regarding the safety of all those visitors and passers-by. One of them might suffer an accident or have their property damaged. Since you are the owner of the B&B, they may be entitled to hold you liable and sue you for substantial damages by way of compensation.

If you employ anyone to help run your B&B or guesthouse you also have a duty to ensure that they are working in a safe and healthy environment. If they suffer an injury or contract an illness or other medical condition through their employment, they too may have a claim against you.

All this points to a need for bed and breakfast insurance, to indemnify you and your business against potentially very costly claims – claims which might assume such proportions that you are left with little choice but to sell your B&B in order to meet them.

Why choose

What does B&B insurance typically include?

Every business is different, so it may not be possible to spell out exactly what needs to be included in the insurance cover for your particular B&B.

But there are a number of elements of cover likely to be common to most types of bed and breakfast insurance. Firstly, you will want to protect your premises and contents.

The importance of Buildings' & Contents' Covers

With guests staying in your Bed & Breakfast, no doubt you are going to want to protect it against disasters such as fire, flooding and burglary etc., to make sure that in the event that it is damaged, your insurance policy will come to your rescue.

Buildings' cover could also protect you against accidental or malicious damage to your guesthouse too.

Our B & B contents insurance can cover a wide range of contents too such as:

Do you need B&B business interruption insurance?

If damage to your premises or contents results in you having to close for an extended period of time, you will be without an income. Business interruption cover is designed to protect you against a loss of earnings. This would also protect your source of income if the worst were to happen and your premises were destroyed.

Employers’ liability insurance is typically a legal obligation

If you employ other people in the running of your B&B, employers’ liability insurance is likely to be the most important element of cover for the simple reason that it is legally required.

If one of your employees has an accident at work or contracts an illness or other medical condition as a result of their employment, the law insists that you have the wherewithal to meet any claim for compensation to which the employee may be entitled.

You may face a penalty of £2,500 for every day that you do not have this cover and there are also penalties for failing to display the insurance certificate at the employees’ place of work.

The law currently requires that employers’ liability insurance extends to a minimum of £5 million of indemnity. Since this is the minimum level of cover required by law, the employers’ liability insurance policies we arrange here at include a generous £10 million of cover as standard – likely to be more than enough to meet even the most serious of claims from any one of your employees.

Is B & B public liability insurance required in addition to employers’ liability insurance?

There is no legal requirement for you to have public liability insurance, but your business might suffer a potentially terminal setback if you do not have it.

In the same way that you owe a duty of care to any employee, you may also be liable if one of your guests, any visitor to your B&B establishment or even a passing member of the public, suffers an injury or has their property damaged in some way. As the owner of the premises, you may be held negligent and ordered to pay substantial damages in line with the extent of injuries or damage caused.

Once again, the size of these types of claim might assume substantial proportions – especially in the case of injury, or even death. Public liability insurance, therefore, typically offers a minimum of £1 million of cover.

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