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Artists Insurance

Insurance can be creative; we're able to provide instant cover and a quote in under 3 minutes, meaning you can focus on your work.

Why us?

  • You may choose from policies which carry a low excess from as little as £100
  • An online quote is available within just 3 minutes
  • Our call contact centres are all UK-based
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What is artists insurance?

Artists need to feel assured that they are able to carry out their work without the fear of being unduly damaged should any of the risks associated with their work lead to an incident. Artists are professionals, just like other tradespeople, and at we aim to offer a specialist insurance package to help artists access the cover they need. The risks an artist may face include theft of works, damage to work (during transit, for example), damage to studios, interruptions to business, and injury or illness to themselves or their employees.

Artists shouldn't have to front the cost of incidents caused by these risks out of their own pocket, and that's what artist insurance is there for. With a artist insurance policy, your work, the space you work from and the people involved are all covered, so you can focus on working without the fear of crippling costs in the event of accident or misfortune. Insurance is an important safety net for professionals of all descriptions, and we aim to provide quality cover at competitive prices for as many professions as possible.

Who needs artist insurance?

If you are a visual or applied artist, this cover is aimed at you. Visual artists include painters, sculptors, pottery artists, sketch artists and any other creative who produces artistic pieces that can be enjoyed visually by an audience. Applied artists are those who create bespoke, artistic pieces that are used in the design and construction of practical objects and constructs to make them aesthetically pleasing. In either case, the work you do is special, and you have been hired because you, and you alone, can create that piece of work.

The problem is, there are risks attached to the work you do, and if any one of those risks comes to pass, you could find yourself losing out financially, or causing someone else to lose out, for which they will want to be compensated. In any case, artist insurance can cover the expenses incurred when things go wrong.

What does artist insurance cover?

A quality artist insurance policy, like the cover we offer at, can cover the following areas:

Artwork - meaning completed works and works in progress, covering storage, transit and exhibition risks.
Studio - your studio's contents, equipment and tools, with the option to include buildings cover.
Business interruption - loss of income due to interruptions in your business that are outside of your control.
Public and products liability - your work may cause injury to people or damage to property, and the expenses can be covered.
Employers' liability - a mandatory cover if you employ anyone at all in your business.

As an artist, you will be very familiar with the concept of 'quality over quantity', and that concept truly applies to insurance. At, we have been in the insurance business since 1990, and we have all the experience to understand the various needs of the professionals we work with. Our artist insurance policy will cover the important things so you can focus on your work worry-free. Just fill out our online form to get started with your fast, competitively priced quote, or call 08081 68 68 68 and we'll walk you through the process.


  1. Since 1990, we've been helping businesses find the cover they need to stay protected
  2. UK based contact centre trained to help you with your insurance queries
  3. Flexibility to adapt your policies throughout the year
  4. Your cover can include own plant & tools, hired in plant and contract works

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