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Artists Insurance

Insurance can be creative; we're able to provide instant cover and a quote in under 3 minutes, meaning you can focus on your work.

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Insurance for artists

Do you like to give expression to your creative instincts? In a word, are you an artist?

Artists come in all shapes and sizes and express their creative in all manner of ways – it might be through painting, writing, performing music, acting, or any other creative endeavour.

Whilst carried away by the love and passion for your art, however, it might be easy to overlook the altogether more down to earth question of artists’ insurance.

It’s an oversight that might be forgiven. After all, what earthly reason might an artist have for arranging insurance? Here at, we might help you to understand exactly how valuable is the protection that may be given by the appropriate form of insurance.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur artist, therefore, read on – and you might discover how you might save yourself a fortune in meeting the sorts of claim that might be made during the course of your artistic endeavours. You might be surprised not only by the risks you may face, but also by the amounts that might be involved in any such claims.

Why choose for your artist insurance?

If you are only beginning to appreciate the need for an artists’ insurance policy, there may be a lot to learn – especially when it comes to choosing one insurance provider over another. Here are just a few reasons why you might choose us here at

Why might I need artists’ insurance?

Although there are many different types of artist, there are almost certainly times when you and your work present a public face:

That interaction with other people is very important since it establishes a relationship in which you have what is called a “duty of care” and, because of it, risk breaching your public liability. Public liability insurance provides your defence.

How does public liability insurance provide a defence?

Your duty of care in relationships with members of the public who are involved in the making and presentation of your art means that you must take all reasonable steps to ensure that they suffer no personal injury or damage to their property because of that involvement.

The principle is enshrined in English common law through a judgment in Donoghue v Stephenson in 1932 which established the concept of the “good neighbour” – anyone so closely or directly affected by your acts that your actions, or failure to act, need to take into account the possibility of their being injured or their property being damaged.

The actual circumstances of the case in question were relatively trivial, but the judgment was extremely important in establishing the concept of your duty of care and opened the door to potentially very substantial damages awarded to any party injured by your failure to abide by that duty – such a failure is determined to be your negligence.

The risks of slips and trips

Your negligence as an artist might be committed in a surprisingly wide variety of ways. Just as an example, a member of the public is visiting your studio to commission or to sit for a portrait. The individual trips over a poorly placed carpet and is injured. You may be held negligent and ordered to pay substantial compensation for the injuries your negligence has caused.

An alternative example might be given if you have an art installation on display in a gallery. The installation you have made disintegrates and in the process damages other property in the gallery. The owners may hold you liable for that damage and sue you for the appropriate compensation.

Although there is no legal obligation for you to have artists’ insurance, therefore, it may help to explain why some galleries or owners of other spaces might refuse to accommodate you and your artistic endeavours unless you have such cover – to ensure that they or any member of the public is adequately compensated for any injury or damage you may have caused.

When arranging artists’ insurance, you are almost certain to benefit from the advice and guidance of a specialist broker such as ourselves at Not only are there many different kinds of artist, but the nature and scale of the work they produce may also differ very widely – and that is why at we are dedicated to offering you bespoke, cost-effective protection.

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