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Business Legal Support

When the going gets tough, Business legal support will provide help & support when you need it most.

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Legal support

There are times when you are running a small business that professional help and advice is indispensable. A typical case in point is your need for help and advice in the form of business legal support.

What with the possibility of legal disputes – with your customers, suppliers or even members of the public – the complexity of your tax liabilities, your obligations for maintaining suitable employee protection and the need for your business to comply with a seemingly endless list of legal stuff, that need for professional advice is never far away.

What’s more, legal and tax advice doesn’t come cheap. Just a few hours of consultation with a partner at your local law firm might make very significant inroads into the operating costs you are struggling so hard to control and the profits you hope to see on your bottom line.

But when you need that legal support, you are likely to need it fast. Because of its critical impact on the continued viability of your business, the last thing you might worry about is the immediate cost. That is so often the case with your need for the help, guidance and support of professional services.

At, we recognise the importance of your having the necessary access to legal services – without those costs forever eating into your operating budget. Insurance is the answer and it comes in the shape of business legal support.

Why choose us to arrange your business legal support?

What can I expect from business legal support?

In a word, you can expect the legal support you need, as and when you need it, with the cost of that support safely covered by competitively priced business insurance.

More specifically, some of the services which are likely to be included in your legal support package may be the following.

Tax and legal advice

There are no two ways about it, tax matters are complicated. Of course you don’t want the taxman falling on you like a ton of bricks, but neither do you want to be paying more than you need in tax. Striking the right – and lawful – balance through the appropriate advice is something this element of professional support may give.

Similarly, with advice on legal disputes. Well timed advice from a suitably qualified professional might nip the problem in the bud and prevent costly legal action for you to pursue or to defend.

Employees’ extra protection

If you have employees, you are legally obliged to hold a minimum of £5 million employers’ liability insurance to meet claims arising from their injury at work or from their contracting an illness or medical condition associated with their employment.

But there are a host of additional areas in your relationship with your employees where legal advice and support may be necessary. To give an example of just two of these, consider how valuable professional advice is likely to be about claims for unfair discrimination or unfair dismissal.

Compliance and regulation

Small businesses may well provide a major powerhouse of the nation’s economy, but that does not stop a proliferation of rules, regulations and demands for compliance with the latest government edicts.

Business legal support may help to ensure that you not only keep abreast of the constantly changing scene but also stay on the right side of the law and its regulations.

A case in point, for example, might be the prospect of civil action or prosecution under the Data Protection Act or your need to appeal against any order to cancel, suspend or restrict the terms of your statutory licence.

Business disruption/loss of earnings

Not only is your involvement in any legal proceedings potentially costly and time consuming, but it may also lead to your business losing income because you have to attend court for a hearing. This element of insurance ensures that you receive a degree of compensation for such business disruption – even when it is caused by your being called for jury service.

Guides and legal documents

Our business legal support services also provide a wealth of additional information relating to ways designed to help you stay the right side of the law. This includes a range of guides on various aspects of the law relating to your business and access to a range of downloadable legal documents – on Health and Safety, for example – to help ensure that you are complying with the latest demands on your business practices.

The particular nature of the legal support you need may vary, of course, according to the business you run and the type of business insurance you have arranged.

To find out how business legal support insurance can support your business, and for a no-obligation quote, please contact us today.

If you already have a Business Legal Support policy, click here to register and download documents

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