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Scaffolders Insurance


Scaffolders Insurance However safety-conscious you might be, when carrying out scaffolding work there are always risks involved. To reduce the effects of these risks, scaffolders insurance is essential.

Scaffolders need to be more careful than most because of the dangerous nature of the job. Not only are you conducting work at height with heavy materials, but you are also in close contact with members of the public. If an accident was to occur on site, the results and the expenses could be devastating to your scaffolding firm. This is where scaffolders liability insurance comes in.

Why is Scaffolders Insurance so Important?

With our scaffolders insurance policy, we counter these risks by including public liability insurance for scaffolders. If you were to drop a heavy item and subsequently injure a passer-by, or damage third party property, a scaffolders liability policy would protect your business If a claim should arise.

Additional Insurance for Scaffolders

In addition to scaffolders insurance and scaffolders liability insurance you may also like to include employers’ liability insurance. This protects you if an employee sustains an injury at work. Employers’ liability insurance is, in fact, compulsory for all UK businesses who employ staff. So, if you haven’t already got a policy, why not include it as part of our scaffolders insurance package?

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