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  • Contract works – your work and the property being worked on are both protected.
  • Public liability insurance – available at an additional premium, up to £5million available.
  • Employers liability insurance – available at an additional premium, up to £10 million available.
  • Plant & machinery covered for personal and hired
  • Tools damage or theft cover
  • Policy is valid anywhere in the UK
  • Free debris removal cover
  • Low standard policy excess
  • Cover for off-site storage

Contractors All Risk Insurance

Contractors All Risk InsuranceWorking in the construction industry will mean carrying out contractual site work at some point. This type of work involves a high level of risk. A contractors all risk insurance policy is specifically designed to cover such hazards.

Your contract workers, the property, plant - both hired and personal, tools and equipment are all subject to fire, theft or damage both on and off site. If something was to happen, it is likely that you will be held responsible and without an all risks insurance policy you will find yourself in real trouble.

The main benefit of contractors all risk insurance is to cover the property being worked on, for example a new house.*

All Risks Insurance Prevents Damage to your Business

An all risks insurance policy is primarily obtained to protect the contract works section. It is often considered most useful if damage to the contract works were to incur. This could result in severe disruption to your business. Also in the event of any plant or materials being stolen, you would be covered to replace them under an all risks insurance policy, subject to terms and conditions.

It is critical to check what your contractors all risk insurance policy covers you for. Never assume that everything is included in an all risks insurance policy, as it could lead to difficulties if a claim was to arise. offers the opportunity to purchase a contractors all risks insurance policy tailored specifically for you by choosing exactly the cover you require. A combined policy is also available where everything is covered including public and employers liability

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*In what is a dangerous and potentially costly environment, a contractors all risks policy helps you to manage the risks involved and allows you to get on with the job in hand.*This will not cover a pre existing property, such as an existing house when building an extension if something was to arise from within the house.  Example, if you or your workers were to cause a fire which was to damage the pre existing house then you will be covered by your contracts all risks insurance.   If the house was damaged by someone who is living inside the pre existing house, then this will not be covered under your contractors all risks policy.

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