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Public Liability Insurance for Business


Public Liabilty Insurance

What does Public Liability cover?

If your business brings you into contact with clients or members of the public, whether you’re a hairdresser, shop owner, carpenter or accountant, then you will need public liability insurance.

Public liability insurance makes certain that your business is covered if anyone makes a claim against you for damages. These damages could include anything from personal injury to damage to property, even if they’re not your employee.

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Is Public Liability Insurance a Legal Requirement?

Public liability insurance isn’t a legal requirement, however, when you invest in this cover, you buy yourself the peace of mind of knowing that even a small incident or mishap won’t wind up costing you thousands of pounds.

In today’s ‘no win, no fee’ claims culture it pays to be safe rather than sorry as there are many eager ambulance chasers out there ready to leech a profit from even the smallest mishap. Public liability insurance is your defence against these modern worries.


What are the Typical Exclusions in a Public Liability Insurance Policy?

There are a few things which this insurance will not cover. Before searching for a public liability insurance quote, make sure you’ll be covered by checking the following list. A public liability insurance quote will not cover:

• Your excess (the first part of any claim)

• Asbestos issues including: exposure to asbestos, inhalation of asbestos and stress caused by the potential consequences of exposure to/inhalation of asbestos.

• Costs incurred in repairing, removing , replacing , recalling, rectifying, reinstating or managing any property because of the presence of asbestos. • Any conditions caused by exposure to heat

• Excavation work which exceeds 2 metres • Demolition work (unless part of a rebuilding contract)

• Work which involves explosives, pile driving, water diversion or sub aqua work

• Damage to underground services condition applies

• Work at or on railway premises, aircraft, airports, watercraft, blast furnaces, chimney shafts, collieries, dams, fuel depots, bridges, canals, docks, piers, gas works, mines, power stations, steeples, towers, tunnels, viaducts, quarries, chemical works, oil refineries or wharves.

• Loss or damage to property in your custody or control or to products supplied

• Pollution unless caused by a sudden and identifiable incident

• Territorial limits exclude USA and Canada unless specifically agreed

• Work in or on or travel to or from any offshore installation

• Cover for any advice formula provided by you for a fee or where a fee would normally be charged is excluded

• Fines penalties or punitive damages


What Limits of Public Liability Insurance Cover are Available?

The limit of indemnity on this kind of policy starts at £1,000,000. After this, the limit required for your business depends on the type of work you carry out. Around 30% of our clients have a £2,000,000 limit and some have a £5,000,000 limit. This higher limit is usually in place to satisfy a contract clients may have with a council or government body.


What is the Length of a Public Liability Insurance Policy?

12 months is the normal length of a policy however claims may occur several years later which can come back to you.


Do Public Liability Insurance Quotes Vary Depending on Trades?

The insurance quotes you receive vary depending on the trade you are in. Our premiums start at just £40. In many cases a public liability quote may be higher. For example, a carpenter may pay £80 and a plumber can pay as much as £200-£400 due to heat and water exposure. If you use any form of dangerous equipment, the quotes you receive will vary.


Which Insurers will Offer me a Public Liability Insurance Policy?

Here at ConstructaQuote we compare quotes for you from five key insurers. Due to the volume of business we transact with these insurance companies we can offer special scheme rates that simply aren't available anywhere else. These companies include:

• Aviva

• Covea

• Groupama

• Ageas

• Arista

Public Liability Insurance Case Studies

Case #1
Your employee drops a tin of paint onto the customer’s carpet. Insurance will cover the cost of replacing the carpet should a claim be made.

Case #2
Your customer walks in and a ladder is left in the way of the door and they fall over it breaking their wrist. They can pursue you for damages for time off work, loss of earnings and inconvenience. The right policy will protect you from these costs.

If you would like to learn more about insurance and about how to find the best quotes available, please see our Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, if you’d like to talk to a ConstructaQuote expert about finding a fantastic policy ideally suited to you, call our friendly helpline on 08081 68 68 68  today.

*T's & C's apply - Copy of renewal notice/proof of price quoted required. Must have been quoted within the last 30 days. Quotes are provided on a like for like basis. Some insurers are excluded from our guarantee. Minimum premiums apply.

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